Oh man, this past weekend has been the best ever!

     We left around 8:30 and arrived at Motel 6 (30 minutes away from our destination) at 2 in the morning.

     We woke up around 8, got ready and left around 9. We arrived at Universal Studios and got to park in the Frankenstein Parking Garage.
     Once we parked, we immediately went straight to City Walk. A band was getting ready to perform and I was instantly in love. We didn't stay long enough to find out who they were though, but honestly, they sounded amazing! Lol. Music = love.
     When the gates open, we headed in, got our super awesome Gate A passes and went straight to our first destination: The House of Horrors. It was really scary! Kjn kept laughing at up because Kim and Jen screamed the loudest. I hid behind Kim who hid behind Jen who hid behind Kjn. After that was over, we went to a bunch of other attractions such as The Mummy Ride (times 2), Jurrassic Park ride (which I got SOAKED on. I love the theme song by the way), The Simpsons Ride (times 2 plus is my favorite!), Terminator 2: 3D (Reallyy good), Shrek 4D (ehh, okay attraction), Universal's Animal Actors (pretty awesome), and Water World (which was pretty cool, especially seeing all of those tv show actors).
     The last thing we went on was the Studio Tour. That was hecka cool! Pretty fun too. Oh yea, we got the all you can eat pass also. I ate so much food... I feel so bloated and stuff. Bleh! I think that I'll be good with food for a few more days now...
     After Universals, we went back to City Walk and did some shopping. I got to buy a Sharks Pennant! Yes! I also got to see The Quiet perform. They're really good! I ended up buying their 2 CDs. After all that excitement, Kjn took us to the Hollywood stars place. It was cool. We got to see all the stars, plus the Chinese theater thing where movie stars watch movie premiers at and have their hand prints cemented to the ground. Pretty awesome! We also stopped by High Voltage Tattoo where LA Ink is located at. Kat Von D wasn't there, but KJn got pictures with Khoi and Aubrey. We also went to the back parking lot and took a pic of the mural of the crew in the back.
     We were pretty much exhausted by then so Kjn decided to drive to a hotel to rest up. We ended up going to the Marriott or something. The room was hecka nice!

     The next morning, we woke up around 9, went down for some complementary breakfast and went back up, got ready and headed out. The ride home was 5 or so straight hours. We had some sunflower seeds to occupy our time. We also played the alphabet game and some scenario games. Those were really fun. It passed the time by hecka quickly.
     When we got to Gilroy, we stopped by Sonics for lunch and headed home. We got home around 3:30, we stopped by Jen's Parent's house first, then I drove my mom's car (with Kim) back home. It's not that bad! lol.
     So Kim just chilled at my house for about an hour, then her dad picked her up. After she left, I did some homework, then took a nap for 2 hours. Now, I'm "finished" with my part of homework. Time to sleep!!!

*It seems as though uploading pics aren't working right now. I'll try again tomorrow if anything.


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