Taking painkillers are a pain in the arse. When I got home from the doctors, I immediately went to bed. I woke up 2 hours later but my mom wasn't home with the meds so I went back to sleep. Eventually, the numbness faded and the pain came. When she came home, I took 2 pills and ate some porridge.
     After a while, I began to feel lightheaded so I went back to sleep. From then on, it was a mix of light headedness and tiredness. Blah. Well, the good thing is, Dennis called me and gave me a job offer! Sweet! I guess I'm on board now. I would start on Sunday, but given the fact that I just had surgery and that I have a Midterm on Wednesday, working on Sunday is out of the question. Although... I'm starting on Tuesday instead. He keeps changing the times on me so I'm not sure when the official times are. Grr..
     Anyways, I took my pain meds on last time, which made me feel like throwing up. Ughh. I ended up falling back asleep. I eventually woke up and watched Nathalee Halloway, The OCD Project, and parts of Iron Chef.
      The OCD Project gave me nightmares! I dreamt that I had OCD and I had to do these insane rituals! Scary stuff.
     Anyways, back to my thoughts on the surgery... It was really quick. I really want to be asleep for the next surgery since they only took 2 out, but I doubt that's going to happen. After the surgery, I felt like my lips swelled up or something, but i


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