Veggielution this morning. It didn't rain! Today, I helped Will organize and water the plants. That's what we mainly did today. Fun Schtuff. After that, I was getting hungry so Will suggested that we go get something to eat today. Hehe.. We went to this hole in the wall mexican place. They had 2 for $3 burritos and 99 cent tacos. Yum! I didn't expect it, but he paid for me! So sweet, it wasn't that expensive anyways.
      When I got home, I did some homework, then I had to go get fingerprinted. So I went with my mom to this place where I had to fill out paper work, stand in line for 20 minutes to find out that I have to first watch a 40 minute video, then stand in line for another 10 minutes, take my picture, then go to the place where we get fingerprinted, which I had to wait another 1-2 hours. Omg.. Waste of my day! The fingerprinting was the worst! The people who worked there were so slow! UGHH. I could've done so much homework in that time period...
     After that, I went home, did some homework, then decided to walk to Pizza Night. As I was walking by the creek, I got closer to Darren's house and we ended up walking together. Surprisingly, we were the first ones there!
     Eventually, everyone came and we ordered 2 pizzas. We also played a bunch of those scenario games. Man.. We stayed there for a hecka long time playing those games.
     When I got home, I basically went through my homework straight. It's 2:30 AM right now and I'm beat! Bed time... Oh, I'm definitely getting Starbucks in the morning!


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