Yesterday, I hung out with Jen. We went to Nobhill and got some renditions of sex in a cup. O-Delice! We chilled outside of Nobhill and enjoyed ourselves; beautiful weather, delicious food, and a shitload of catching up.
     After that excitement, we decided to go back to Jen's to chill for a bit. I had her mom's delicious angelhair pasta with mushrooms and oysters. I had to cut it up extremely small, but it's definitely worth it.
     We then decided to venture off to Crossroads and shop. When we FINALLY got there, stupid traffic, there was only 5 minutes left to shop. I figured that that wasn't enough time for me to buy anything, seeing that I'm not much of a shopper and that I have to look at almost everything. But Jen found a few things that she liked. Lucky girl! Lol. I am, most definitely, coming back to this place. I have so much clothes that I want to sell!
     After crossroads, we went to Rasputin's where I bought a She&Him cd. How lovely! I love their music by the way.
     It was getting late so I drove Jen home, and went home myself. Nothing eventful happened afterwards...

     Today, we had cotillion practice. It's hard trying to teach them when i don't even know the moves myself. Eventually, we had more bodies show up, so learning everything was a little better. Blahh. My schedule's going to suck for the next few days... finals, internship, school, cotillion practice. I'm actually going to put Veggielution on hold for the time being.
     After practice, we all just chatted outside. I gave Son a ride home and went home to do homework... Oh, so fun. I find that reading this certain article is very difficult. For some reason, what the words on the screen say do not register in my mind! Too many things to think of! Gahh.
     Anyways, I really want to watch a movie right now... but I got to write up a summary for that confusing article... should I reread it again and write it up later or just see what I can do now..? I should go though. Toodles!


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