So, this morning, I slept at 2:30 AM. My first time ever sleeping late! Oh gee... In business we had a midterm that I didn't know about.. I hope I did well, but I know I failed it. Polisci was fun. We went out to the football field and did an exercise.
     Basically, our whole class stood in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder. Then our teacher and the TA's read stuff to us. Basically, if it implied to us, we would take a step forward and back. Some examples were "If your grandparents graduated from college, step forward." or "If you were evicted from your house, step back." It was an exercise that basically showed us that we're not all equal. People had so many privileges, and many people had almost none. I actually stepped forward and back a few time, but I ended in the middle. This is a confusing exercise to explain without demonstration so its understandable.
     I hate our prof. in math. Stupid stingy asian man! `Nuff said...
     After school, I had a project to do with my class. I was late for cotillion practice, which I found out shortly after that it was canceled. I ended up going to Chipotle with Darren, David and Bob. Yum yum! It's my last meal before my surgery!!!
     When I got home, I just watched Big Bang Theory until Bob came over. He did a video interview on me. I hope he could use the footage that he got. I didn't really have time to actually think about my answers. I just went with it. Lol.
     After the interview, Bob and I were gonna longboard to Darren's house, but then Darren was still doing homework so we ended up just longboarding to the park. We chilled there and talked. We had some really good political and philosophical conversations. You know, those conversations that you don't usually have with people. It was really nice. Bob's full of so much insight. We also agree on many things, especially politics.
     So, we basically chilled at the park till 11, then we decided to go home, since it was cold and I was getting sleepy. When I got home, I just ate my last meals (cereal and cheez-it) and talked to Wilson.
     I gotta sleep now! I'll blog about my last thoughts tomorrow morning.


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