We all go through life wishing we could do this or be that. For me it was cutting my hair. For months now, I've been dying to cut my hair, but I never really got around to doing it. Then, I vowed to cut my hair before PCI is over and definitely after I redo my room. Now that my room has changed, my hair now has also.
     I woke up early this Saturday morning, thinking about texting TJ about the hair cut. Luckily to my surprise, he finally texted me back just minutes after I had awakened. We made arrangements for me to cut my hair and after an hour had passed, I was on my way to doing the deed.
     Once I had arrived, we chatted for a bit, took some "before" pictures and next thing I knew, 13-inches had been cut off. It's funny how distracting asian music videos are. It was so different yet not at the same time. Surprisingly, my hair looked smashing. Then, it was time for it to be layered and styled. The time passed by quickly as I secretly danced along to those music videos, and next thing I knew. Il as fini! Tj gave me some tips on my hair and how to keep it the way I want it, showed me more music videos and I was off.
     I told Tj that the fate of my hair was in his hands and that I'd trust whatever he did to it. I love my hair before and after. It's quite a change but change is always good. If you need an awesome hairstylist, I would definately reccomend Tj. He's not like those asian hairstylist where when you request shoulder length and they cut it up to your ear.
     Whether I look good in long hair or short, I needed an escape. New room, new hair, new phone, new me?  My, what a 2010 this'll be. Change.