So I woke up at my usual time when I don't have school; 8 AM. Well, since we don't have cotillion practice at 9 (which have been changed to 1) I had absolutely NOTHING to do, besides homework... which I didn't do. I ended up falling asleep for an hour though to kill time.
     At 1, there was cotillion practice. I only stayed for half an hour since I had prior plans.. Well, plans that have been planned for months now, so of course I couldn't turn that down.
     Family outing! So much fun! I was late though. Patty coordinated the whole thing! Thanks patty! Love you lots! The people who participated were:

Blue Team: Danyelle, Allison, Patty, Samira
Yellow Team: Diane, Garmin, Sabrina, Jason
Green Team: Kasey, Ricky, Katelyn, Daniel
Red Team: Allan Dale, Bianca, Travis and I.

     When I got there, we were just beginning a new activity. It was some water balloon game. We have to put the water balloon in between our necks and transfer it to our teammates like that. This lady that worked for the park came to check up on what we were doing and Patty convinced her to join us. It was hecka funny! It was fun though.
     Next game: Fruit by the Foot eat. Basically, patty tied fruit by the foot on to a bo staff and raised it up super high and basically, we have our teammates eat it by lifting them up and stuff. Whoever eats fastest wins. We eventually seperated and paired up with random teammates. It was fun nonetheless.
     Next Game: Flag football. Just basic football but with bandannas as a flag. We didn't play much of this because everyone was getting hot, eventually we switched over to Water Wars. Danyelle and I couldn't get our hairs wet so we sat out and were nurses. We just basically had to re spawn anyone that had their "health" (AKA Alkaseltzer) down. So basically, with the bandannas, we tied it to everyone's arms and stuck Alka Seltzer in them. If it starts to fizz, they have to get it replaced. Eventually, no one came back to us, tears. Oh well! I wish I could have been a part of that... Blah.
     After that, we packed up a bit and I helped Patty bring the stuff back to her house. Sabrina and I somehow ended up sticking with Patty's dad while everyone else was doing the scavenger hunt. We helped him find a place at the park and help set up everything. About an hour later, the Yellow Team came running in, then the Red, The Green, then finally the Blue (where Patty had to go look for them and pick them up.. LOL!)
     After the Scavenger hunt, we all just chilled and ate at the park. Such a beautiful day! Garmin asked Diane to be his girlfriend. SO CUTE! haha. So yea. I got to talk to Jason A LOT this whole time. He's Asian and super cute, but I'm almost certain that he's gay. Oh well! Best friend? He goes to Berkley so I'm definitely down to visit him.
     To end the night, we had an epic game of Cider pong. We introduced the little children to a game that's meant for alcohol. It's was fun nonetheless. We took some pictures and went to Patty's house to play Just Dance. I played against Jason and I won of course, just barely. Fun stuff. We looked (and laughed) at some pictures of the day and then everyone eventually went home. I stayed behind with the Nguyen's, Ricky and Jason. Ricky and I had an intense battle of Chess, but he had to leave so Daniel took over. I was winning with 16 points! But then that DU MA beat me! Haha. Fun stuff though. I declare a rematch! I'm not good at chess anyways..
      When I got home, we had another house party (so shocking). I'm just texting Will now. He's pretty funny, and apparently I intrigue him because of the various, yet random, activities I do, such as playing chess and longboarding. He thought that a cotillion was like a rave and he wanted to join in. Lol! Very funny.
     Anyways, I should be heading to bed now. I'm getting tired from this super long day. I have to wake up early and do homework too! Blah. Too much to do! I'm gonna stress myself out tomorrow because I'm gonna force myself to do homework. Especially math. Good night! Hopefully, I'll be able to post up pictures later, if Patty uploads it and everything.
fast food mafia

     You don't want to know what I did today. Why? Because all I did was homework. And daydream. But mainly homework... Yea, boring huh?
     I did watch the Sharks game though! Sharks won again! 2-0 in this series. Bitchin`! I can't say that it was a fair game though. Too many bad calls, but you know what? A win is a win, take it or leave it. I'm happy though.
     The funniest thing happened tonight. I was talking to Patty and she reminded me about hair straightening. She told me that Danyelle had some questions about location and stuff. So I went on to look up the hair place (HK Hair and Beauty) and I got distracted and started reading the ratings and comments (mainly the bad ones, which there wasn't much of) and I came across one that was pretty bad. 2 stars I must say. I was like "DANG! Who wrote this one?" So I look at the person and it was my sister. LMAO! Small world. It was funny because a few minutes later, she called me and I told her this incidedent. She was like "DANNGIT! I should take it off because I want to go back there! They probably hate me now!" Haha. Too funny.
     So Kim, Danyelle and I might go and get our hair done together. Yay! Hopefully Patty will come with. This will definitely be fun. I hope they don't charge a lot! With Kim scheduling, it definitely should be fine.
     2 midterms tomorrow! I'm probably going to fail business, no doubt... FML. I wonder how Polisci is gonna be like. Interesting...
     Astro final: 7:15 AM. I finished half an hour later. The whole test was basically the practice test, but I'm not complaining! Patty and I went and got some Starbucks + Free Pastries. Nom nom! Too much suga` in the mornin`! I feel bad... Patty was talking to me, but because I was so tired, I didn't really respond well back. Sometimes I'm tired enough to be slow and sluggish, but when I'm extremely tired, I start to say random things and laugh at a lot of other things... Weird. After Starbucks, we headed over to Target.
     Around 9 ish, we parted ways and I went to Blake's and crashed until 11:30. Ahh... Sweet `ol air matress. Love! Lol. I had a dream that I beat up this big mexican guy who beat up Blake's sister. Revenge! I also dreamt that Jimmy and Blake shared a super nice apartment together. Super random... Don't ask.
    The final went pretty well I must say. Sort of frustrating only because both the freezers were jammed packed with a bunch of random stuff. We had to take time out of our schedule to clear it out so we could fit in our stuff for the final.. So stressful. I'm behind by about 1 or 2 things. It's not too bad though, I just have to make my plated dessert and pastry cream, and make up the 1 or 2 thing. Tomorrow is basically a freebie for me. Yay!
     Pizza night! Pretty fun. Big group, 2 pizzas. Yum! Came home around 9ish. I need to study for french now. Blah! French test tomorrow at 9:15 am. I hope I pass it with flying colors!
     Final Finals went pretty well. I finished everything super quickly, it went smooth. I think that the worst day will be Thursday. That's when you can't really make up anything if you messed up. Blah!
     After finals, I went to Jo Anns with Kim, bought some fabric, then went home and studied for Astro. Now, I just finished helping Diane proofread her essay. Funny girl. Ughh, Astro final at 7:15 tomorrow. I'm screwed... But... Free Pastries at Starbucks, WHAA?! Lol. Patty and I are gonna celebrate after.
     I need to review with Patty, then head off to bed. NIGHT!
     Aujourd'hui, J'ai sorti avec Patty. Nous avons alle a iHop et mange beaucoup. J'ai commande des crepe de puce de chocolat avec des pommes de terre rissolees et des oeufs. Patty a commande une crepe fraise, des frites, des oeufs et du lard. Hier soir, Je lui ai fait quelque petits gateux. Elle l'a aime beaucoup. Apres notre grand petite dejeuner, j'ai conduisais a De Anza.
     Apres, Je suis alle a chez Blake parceque je tres fatigue! J'ai dormi et me suis reveille pour l'ecole. Je vais parle anglais maintenant.
     When I got to school, out class had a meeting. For the most part, we got everything off our chests but Nancy just HAD to single me out. I was so mad but whatever. I'm gonna put it behind me. After our meeting, our class went back to normal, like a family again. So that was good.
     Anyways, when I got home, I immediately started working on my schedule and stuff. I finished my schedule, but I haven't finished my recipes. Oiy Vey. At least I got something done though, right? Anyways, bed time!
     This time change is killing me! I'm not tired at ALL. Lol.
     So we had a free day for PCI. I just worked on Croissant dough, challah bread and pate a choux. I'm pretty confident now. Just need to practice a little more.
     After class, I picked up Kim and we went to Sunnyvale so I could pick up my Letter of Reccomendation from KJN Riz. I brought all my Pate a Choux for the staff. We ended up staying there for about an hour and a half. Afterwards, we went to sweethearts and ordered the usual. I didn't get home till 8ish?
     You learn the true value of friendship as you grow older. You also learn the importance of your life. Life is short, so why act cool and laugh at the ones embarassing themselves? I'd rather go embarass myself (to a certain extreme) because when you finally realize that you're old, it's too late to change the past.
     Friendship is a precious thing, so don't take advantage of that. I've grown to realize that you should never rely on a single human being because sometimes they're just unreliable! Like the M.I.A Choreographer or the lame best friend who *shurgs* to you when you need help the most.
     For Jen, I'm currently helping her with the planning of her cotillion, it's the least I could do. I may not be the master of a Cotillion (I've never been to one) but I've grown to take the role of a leader (somewhat). I will help her plan and destress through the months and make sure things get done.
     For Patty, I'm simply here to listen to her and provide suggestions, no matter how bizzarre they are. Her birthday is coming up and she has to make arrangements and plans around her friends. Honestly, if her friends were her real friends, they would make the time and effort to hang out with her. You only turn 19 once. Seriously.
     But anyways, I'm here to cheer them both up, de-stress, listen, talk to, plan and plot. I don't do this to everyone, only to my closest friends, so you guys are lucky! LOL jkjk. What a random blog. It was supposed to be deep, but ended up random, I guess that's what happens when you're biological clock is off.