It was a gray gloomy day today as I awoken at 10AM. I didn't really do much, except clean, rewrite some PCI notes, watch some Psych and play some Rockband. I need to be more productive within my days...
     Around 4:30, Kim picked me up and we headed to random places to decide on what to get KJN and Jen as a gift. We ended up planning to make them random magnets of us on them. As a spur of the moment, Kim and I made our way to WC Campbell for the 3rd degree tryouts. Semi-empowering I must say, I honestly felt like they could have done better.  We left around 6:30 and made it back in time to Cosmo's movie night at 7.
    We had tons of food, which helps with the 1 meal a day things. We watched The Rocky Horror Picture Film. Very confusing movie. I was lost. Bad directing, but I think if I watched it again with people who know the audience participation part, I might enjoy it some more... But other than that, I probably won't watch. I'll definitely need subtitles next time too. After the movie, we played a failed game of Cranium; Kim & I vs. Brandon & Kat vs. Jonathan & Fiancee vs. Cosmo and Mrs. Hom. Fun night! Kim and I were winning, but then we began to lose... We didn't finish the game but Brandon's team came in first, Jonathan's was 2nd. Kim and Me were 3rd and miraculously, Cosmo was last! Instead of finishing the game, we all ended up going home.
     Tomorrow will be a fun day. Kim and I are going to have a BBQ with KJN and Jen. I'm excited!