At Veggielution, I got to work with Will the whole time. Good thing I found him! Lol. So first off, I helped him get rid of the soil that got messed up by the chickens. Afterwards, we started weeding and getting rid of flowers that were ready to seed. So we threw all that in the compost pile and began the pampering process:

1. Take a pickaxe and dig it into the dirt. I felt like I was in Runescape!
2. Take a pitchfork to break down the dirt some more.
3. Hoe it down to break big clumps and clusters of dirt.
4. Rake it all down like a zen garden. I found my inner soul and peacefulness.
5. Put the irrigation system back on
6. dig holes for the seeds
7. Planted the Soybeans.

I wish I took a picture of it! Darn it. Oh well, hard work. It was nice though, so peaceful and sunny with a slight sniffle on the side.
     After that, I went home and took a nice refreshing shower. Then, I ate lunch and began to bake off the cookies I made for Brent. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Delish! My mom also gave me macadamia nut cookie mix to bake off. Those turned out perfect too!
     Had my session with Brent, he loved the cookies! He convinced me to go surfing with him on Thursday so I could meet his friend, Kay. He's trying to hook me up with a tall white guy! Lol. As long as he's a musician, he's got my attention. I'm also going to ask Lynn, my classmate, if I could meet her son or something. Drummer + Singer in a band. <3! She got dibs first after I got better so I'm going to give it a shot. I'm also hoping to hook her up with someone I know, who's a drum instructor and who's tall... Ahem. Hehe...
     Anyways, I went home, and watched Couple's Retreat. Pretty good. Super comical.
     After that, I took a nap. Then went to Pizza night. Guess who won the game again? SHARKS BITCHES! 3-0 Lead! 4-3 Score ONCE AGAIN. Buaha. I can't wait for them to sweep. I'm really hoping that this is going to happen. SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP. Darren and I screamed so loud once Marleau shot the winning goal in overtime. Everyone at Mountain Mikes was looking at us. Haha.
     Pizza night was pretty fun. 2 pizzas + a bunch of people. We went to Darren's afterwards and I left soon after. So now, I'm quickly blogging so I could go study for midterms... ughh. FML. Good night everyone.