Astro final: 7:15 AM. I finished half an hour later. The whole test was basically the practice test, but I'm not complaining! Patty and I went and got some Starbucks + Free Pastries. Nom nom! Too much suga` in the mornin`! I feel bad... Patty was talking to me, but because I was so tired, I didn't really respond well back. Sometimes I'm tired enough to be slow and sluggish, but when I'm extremely tired, I start to say random things and laugh at a lot of other things... Weird. After Starbucks, we headed over to Target.
     Around 9 ish, we parted ways and I went to Blake's and crashed until 11:30. Ahh... Sweet `ol air matress. Love! Lol. I had a dream that I beat up this big mexican guy who beat up Blake's sister. Revenge! I also dreamt that Jimmy and Blake shared a super nice apartment together. Super random... Don't ask.
    The final went pretty well I must say. Sort of frustrating only because both the freezers were jammed packed with a bunch of random stuff. We had to take time out of our schedule to clear it out so we could fit in our stuff for the final.. So stressful. I'm behind by about 1 or 2 things. It's not too bad though, I just have to make my plated dessert and pastry cream, and make up the 1 or 2 thing. Tomorrow is basically a freebie for me. Yay!
     Pizza night! Pretty fun. Big group, 2 pizzas. Yum! Came home around 9ish. I need to study for french now. Blah! French test tomorrow at 9:15 am. I hope I pass it with flying colors!