Today was definitely an awesome day. It started off with Veggielution of course. I helped water some plants, harvest bok choy, After that, I went to the wash station and got to wash the veggies with Will. We definitely got talking. It was really nice and funny. He told me things that he doesn't tell his friends or random people in general so I definitely felt special. I found out that he used to play the flute, he taught himself the saxaphone, he's a pool shark and he londboards! After washing/weighing, it was time to leave so before we left, we both pulled out our longboards to compare. We're definitely going to go riding together plus, he's gonna come with me to a longboard shop to buy new bearings and wheels. I'm totally looking forward to that. After our longboard talk, we exchanged numbers and headed seperate ways.
     I then went to PCI to pick up my chocolates and to visit CHEF ALEX. Yeaa! He wants me to help him out in his factory. Hopefully I have time... I got to talk to a few people on my way out.
     When I got home, I got to relax a bit. I also watched some Big Bang Theory and cleaned my room. My favorite already is Sheldon. This show is pretty hard to comprehend, but it's pretty funny already. Too much smart talk...
     Around 3:30, I headed out to Palo Alto because I volunteered for the Yoriko Kishimoto campaign crew. So, I was supposed to meet with this guy, Richard, but he ended up not being there. He told me to go and talk to Dennis instead. So when I rang the doorbell (to Yoriko's super old, extremely large, definitely beautiful house), this guy who looks like he's around 21-25 opened the door and that was Dennis. So he escourted me into her home and talked to me about what I was going to do. So basically, We would both go door to door and ask people if they were going to vote for Yoriko and if they are unsure, give them information about her. I was so nervous! He was definitely a chill guy though. One who loves John Mayer, or so it seemed. Lol. So yea, we ran through the drill and he tested me on that. I got a cheat sheet to work with too. So later on, he asks me how old he looks like. I said 21-25 but he's actually 34 or something like that. I was like "DANG YOU OLD GEEZER!" haha. We just kept bashing on each other afterwards. So when we came up to the street we were supposed to work with, I followed him to a few houses and saw what he was doing, we then split off. He gave me a list of houses to go to and I slowly tackled them. Dennis is a chill guy. Too bad he's OLD, has a gf and smokes. But he's definitely a great person to hang out with. He was like "Man! I hope you come back! I definitely love your personality, we need more of those in our campaign group, we don't have many people like you." So I was like "SWEET!" Haha. Well.. what can I say? I actually get that a lot (no lie/trying not to brag or be cocky or whatever).
     I'm definitely glad I went. I was pretty iffy at first, because of my friken lazy ass, but I was like "Well... I told Richard that I was going to do it, so it would be pretty messed up if I didn't go for it." So I went and I had an awesome experience. I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again, even though it was pretty scary at first. The experience is definitely a plus, it also will help me with my speeches and with stage fright. But yea. Since I was doing this strictly for voluntary reasons, he was scared that I wasn't going to come back. I probably will though, if my schedule allows me to... Plus, the Standford Shopping Center is nearby. I hear SPRINKLES! Lol.
     (Note to self: Bring fruit by the foot for Dennis [the menace] next time I come... Hopefully I remember)
     So, we exchanged numbers and then I had to go home since it was my sister's 22nd birthday. When I got home, everyone was waiting for me (stupid traffic...) We started devouring all the pizzas, breadsticks, french fries and ice cream there was. Such fatasses we are. Then we watched Cash Cab as a family and part of Jeopardy. These are the days that I cherish the most.
     As I'm being lazy at home, after a super long day, Kevin randomly calls me and forces me to go out to Mogos. I was forced to go against my own will! Wilson Yu came to pick me up and we all chilled at Mogos with a bunch of karate people. It last less than an hour before everyone ate and left. It was alright, but I definitely got to talk to Wilson Yu and catch up with him and everything, which was nice.
     It's finally time for me to RELAX and go to sleep! I gotta clean the house  in the morning since I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. So much to do, I'm such a busy person! This sucks, but is good at the same time. I'm getting better at guitar... sorta...

My Totally Random conversation with some random dude through text... No lie

Random Guy: Hey.

Me: Hey? Who's this?

: Mark.

: Which one?

: U no another mark? I hang out with u guys at lunch. U gave me ur number when u hey inn and i were goin to subwa.

: Uhh... sorryy I totally don't remember. Which day was this? I'm so confusedd

: DUDE!!! I HANG OUT WITH I GUYS AT LUNCH!!!! ASK UR GF WHO I AM! my last name is rakusn. Im adopted and hve 2 lesbo moms and one gay bro. Remember?

: What the... are you sure you have the right person? This is jessica..

: Wtf! I thought this was luke?

: Hahaha nooo. That ws funny though. Nice talking to you though

: Yep

:Jessica what? wats ur last nme?

: Sorry, I don't know you well enough to tell you my last name. Kinda creepy, you know?

: Yep. By.

     Veggielution!!! Hehe, I look forward to going there every other day now. I feel as if this experience has been very empowering to me. Not only does it keep me occupied in the morning, it allows me to make a small difference by contributing about 2 hours of my morning to grow, plant, weed the vegetables and feed the worms. Today though, I helped reorganize the farm a bit so it's all in order... somewhat. Then I helped feed the worms by ripping up scraps of newspapers with Hailey. There were so many roaches, spiders and rollie pollies in that ditch... It was like a friken grave, but more shallow. I was frightened that I would have fallen in. Good thing I didn't! Afterwards, I helped this guy fertalize the plants. After that, I just headed home. I didn't get to work with Will today! Sadness.
     When I went home, I was planning to make some Macarons, but Carlos randomly texted me asking to hang out. It was around 12ish so I said that as long as we finish my 2, I'm totally fine with it. It took him till 1:30 to finally come over. We didn't have much time to do anything, so we just chilled in my room instead. We talked, watched TV, plays guitar hero, and (I) learned the guitar. Kim was supposed to show up at 2, but she ended up showing up around 3 or 4.
     I helped Kim out by being a "check point" for the Amazing Race (Kim style). So basically, all of her friends (5 groups) run around all of Milpitas to certain checkpoints, then do a task at the checkpoint and go to the next place, etc. My task was, "Sing Jessica a song, she loves Taylor Swift, Wicked, Journey and Grease." The first 3 teams all sang me Taylor Swift. The 4th team was awesome and sang me a mix up of Journey and Wicked. The last team sang Taylor Swift. Lol! It was really funny.
     After all the teams came and went, Carlos finally went home. I felt bad for having him stay for an extra hour while I was running up and down the stairs... So after he left, I had some downtime before Pizza, so I practiced This Modern Love - Bloc Party on guitar. I'm getting better! Lol.
     Pizza night was fun. We played Telephone and got some REALLY random results...It was fun nonetheless. After that, we headed to Darren's played some smash and talked about random days where we're gonna wear fanny packs, carry pokemon cards, and do what we would've done when we kids. We're gonna bring back the 90's! Haha. And maybe throw in a random TOGA day or something. This'll definitely be interesting.
     I shaved my legs this morning! So smooth! Lol. Business was alright. I was really focusing on trying to stay awake that I didn't pay attention to her at all. I'm scared that maybe business isn't my thing. Ahh! I'm just so lazy! Bleh.
     Break! I went to Starbucks @ Target with the oh-so-lovely ikevyftw. I ordered a double chocolately chip. Craving: Satisfied. We then walked to Whole Foods and splurged on some derrrrisious mac n cheese, veggie potstickers, chowmein, and pulled pork (which I obviously didn't eat). We're such fatties. <3. We also bumped into An and Nazhat.
     I was getting serious blisters from my flats that I was breaking in, so I was basically limping everywhere because it was extremely painful. The things you do to look nice nowadays... Ouch. So, I went to class and I was going to ask Will for a bandaid. But then I got nervous so I chickened out! I just sat there! Blah.
     Class was fun today. The prof got 2 guys who just became friends in class to be an example today. He made them hold hands and asked them how they felt. They said fine at first, but then he said "if you guys saw each other outside of class and held hands, how would you feel?" Then they said uncomfortable. Proven point. We are conditioned to be homophobic in the slightest way. There's nothing wrong with holding hands, but we automatically associate hand holding with the term Gay. So, the prof showed us a sunday comic and it was about "Jeremiah's Last Song" and basically there's these 2 cowboys sitting around a campfire. Jeremiah is holding a guitar singing something like this, "I haven't seem a woman in weeks and yer startin to look pretty good". Next to the guy he is singing to is a prelit dynamite and a shotgun. The point is, the society laughs at this but is this really something you should laugh at because this cowboy is bisexual or gay? It also throws in violence meaning that if you're gay or bisexual, you are unaccepted in society.
     He also showed us a Bacardi news ad. The scene is basically the night life with city lights behind. In the middle, there is a circle with 3 men and 1 woman who is being carried at an uncomfortable situation by those men. In the background is a couple which symbolizes love. There is a huge Bacardi bottle in a phallic like state that is basically shoved up the girl's crotch area (because her legs are sorta open) and there is literally, white foam coming out. What this ad is basically saying is "If you drink this, you can get laid or gangbang a girl, or eventually fall in love". The power of ads. I feel as though we see ads like this everyday, but the message is so subliminal that it just passes through our minds, yet, we are conditioned to think about sex and romance and stuff. I don't know.. There was so much more we learned in class though. Definitely love this section in class though.
     After class, I packed my things and went up to Will and asked him if he had a bandaid. He was kinda like "uhh, wtf?" but he didn't have one. Darn, oh well. I did it right? I gave him a hug and then limped my way to class all joyful like and everything.
     I got a 15/20 on my quiz. Ehh, C..? I could've done better. Class was boring, Darren got me a bandaid, and we left early.
     Cotillion Practice today! Pretty successful. I hate that I keep forgetting the basics! Grr... My feet were definitely in pain though. After practice, Kristen, Jen, Jojo, Allyson and I went to Sendai for some supper. Yum! We had some money confusion but we got it all sorted out. So, I dropped everyone off at home and went home myself. I got done with 1 math homework and I practiced some guitar. Painful fingers! Ouchie! Maybe I'll do more math or something....
     I did almost nothing. I did glaze the cake though... I also went to Veggielution, but no one was there! After, I rushed over to De Anza to get my papers signed, but they didn't have it ready! So then, I rushed home (because it was already 2), quickly decorated my cake for Brent, then headed over for the session.
     He loved the cake, of course. Lol. Brent just did a body/muscle massage thing. It felt really nice, sorta painful though. It was really nice talking to him and getting to know him more. I don't think there was a spark or anything. Mainly because he's about 10 years older than me! I don't know though, we will see. Apparently, my cake covers 2 sessions, so I have one more chiropractic session next Tuesday, around 2.
     After the session, I went home, watched Definitely, Maybe, Picked up Jen, visited Kevin Luong, got my sunglasses from Frank, then went to pick up 2 large pizzas. After, we all went to Darren's house, turned on the Sharks game and enjoyed Pizza Night. We were placing bets, in the middle of that we somehow got to the topic of Angry Gorilla and Tunneling... LOL! You gotta love my friends.. In the end, SHARKS WON! YEA BITCHES! Lol.
     So Jen and I stayed there till 10 I believe? I took her home. Went home, and finished watching Definitely, Maybe.

     School. UGHH!
     Didn't really do much when I got home... Around 6:30, Darren picked me up and we headed over to the Sushi Factory for Alex's birthday! I usually don't like sushi, but I had one of everything anyways. I think the sauce for certain ones made it taste a lot better.
     After, we went to Alex's and had some cake. They were playing Brawl and eventually, it led to watching a movie. Darren, Alan and I couldn't stay long, so we just went home instead.

     I woke up early and went straight to Veggielution. I missed the friken exit because people wouldn't let me in! Eff jerks! Oh wells. There were only 6 people there. When I got there, I began weeding stuff, then moving plants and putting cardboard down. Eventually, I got to cut lettuce and wash them. Then I was put on the wash station for a while...
     Note to self: Seriously invest in rainboots! My shoes were pretty muddy and soaked. But yea, I washed a lot of veggies, helped weigh out some of them, and then went home. I got free fava beans! It tastes pretty good actually!
     When I got home, I ate, took my grandma to my cousin's watched He's Not That Into You, bought Panda EX for my sister, then watched YES MAN. After that, Kim picked me up and we headed over to Campbell for the 3rd Degree testing. We got kinda lost and somehow ended up at the airport.... Don't ask. But eventually, we made our way to WC Campbell. Omg, the test was so friken long! We left around 9:50. The candidates did well though. I can't say much since I'm not a 3rd degree. But they did pretty good. Kim and I got into an actual convo with Danyelle and we also met Patrick's gf, Jennifer. She's so tall! She's really nice though. I'm happy for him!
     We finally got home around 10, then, I decided to go to eat Mogo with Kevin and Perry. It's pretty good stuff! I like! Sharks WON! 5-0 YEA BITCHES. Lol.
     Now that I am home, I stuffed myself with hot tea and honey as I blogged. I'm thinking about doing some homework, but I'm getting tired now... Crap... I NEED TO DO HW TOMORROW! No EXCEPTIONS... unless I'm taking a break. GOOD NIGHT