Today was so much fun! Well, it started off slow and boring, but it ended pretty well.
     I woke up and immediately started doing hw. I stayed home instead of eating Pho to finish my homework. Around 1ish, I decided to take a break and head over to a BBQ at a park that one of Jen's friends were hosting. I only planned to stay for a little bit, about half an hour to an hour, but then I was having so much fun that I decided to stay till 4! Lol! I met so many new people! Son (the host), Christian x2, Jeffrey, Eirene, Mateo, David, Amanda, and some other people that I don't remember their names. We had a water fight, and then eventually went to the pool. I didn't have swimming clothes on, but eventually, I ended up taking a dip to cool down. There were tons of food, music, and most importantly, fun. Son should definitely host another pool party.
     When I got home, I saw all of those haunting cake pops sitting on my table. What the hell was I going to do with them? Until I had a genius idea to go back to the party and share the love with them! It ended up being a huge hit that all my cake pops were gone in less than 5 minutes! Sweet! They called it an orgasm on a stick. I will never make a batch that big.... in my entire life... maybe.
     I wish they uploaded pics! Man, oh wells. So when I got home, I showered, and finished my homework. I finished pretty quickly, so I basically had nothing to do the rest of the night.
     At the BBQ, there were 2 tall, skinny, white guys (no racial); David and Mateo. I've basically grown to accept and safely assume that every tall white guy is named David or Dave. Unfortunately... Mateo is not a David. So, I went up to him and told him that I shall forever call him David. Although he doesn't really have a belly button, I really should call him Kyle XY... but I like David better. It makes life a little easier and it makes me chuckle.