Today was an interesting day. Let's just start off by saying that Darren got mad at me for something I simply stated. The reason why he got frustrated was because I brought up an issue that he didn't want to talk about. Instead of telling me the details, he just got angry with me. Eventually though, he apologized for being angry with me since I didn't know what was happening.
     Business was boring. I almost fell asleep. I went to the Polisci help session today! Donovan was like "Yay! You showed up!" and gave me a hug. Haha. TA's are so awesome. We just talked about the homework and stuff.
     Polisci was pretty fun today. I met a "new" guy today. I put new in quotes because I already sorta met him in one of my group discussions. But yea... We had group discussions, and then talked about oppression. Then my teacher was giving us two examples of oppression.
     The first one was where the parent was turning in her paper work to the teacher right before it was too late to turn it in. So basically, she’s at De Anza at night, and it’s almost 12. She goes to turn in her paper and this guy (who supposedly looks like my teacher, but is really my teacher) yells at her and calls her a “green snorky dork.” He basically just calls her that and that’s the end of the scenario. Then he asks her about what she felt and what she is going to do. She said that she was surprised, she would try to explain to the man (who might be on drugs) why she was there, then she was quickly go to her car, go home, and tell her husband, but, she wouldn’t report it the next day.             
     Second Scenario. She’s at school and everything doing her thing like before. But the same guy (not thinking about the snorky dork incident, and pretending it never happened) goes up to her and calls her a bitch. After that scenario, he asks her what she felt. She basically felt frightened and scared for her life. She was frightened that she would be raped. She would run to her car, go tell her husband, and possibly reporting it.
      Honestly, oppression surrounds us everyday. My teacher asked us “who is affect by sexism everyday?” I was one of the few who raised their hands. After telling this scenario, the same question popped up and almost 100% of the class raised their hands. You might think it doesn’t affect you, but think about it. I honestly will not go walking around at night by myself without a weapon or something, no matter how much strength or skill I may have. I’m afraid to even go to my car or take out the garbage at night. Yes, my neighborhood is a very safe neighborhood, but I have been conditioned to have that automatic fear for myself. I must admit though, if I was in the same situation she is in, my pride would take over and I would cuss out that asshole, and threaten to beat the crap out of him. That’s my initial response. Yes, I’d be shaking in my booties, but I would have probably done that.
     Deep shit huh? I love this polisci class. The only downfall; too much homework and stuff. I love the discussions we have, so deep, so meaningful.
     Anyways, it was pouring by the time we were finished with polisci. I was soaked by the time I got to math. Which, in the end, was boring of course. I fell asleep a few times. That quiz was hard though! I hope I did well.
     When I got home, I picked up Jen, went to her aunt’s house, picked up her car, and then let her drive, with the consent of her mother of course. I took her around the neighborhood, and then went to the DMV in Santa Clara. I just led her to a series of random roads and intersections. After that, I critiqued her as we headed home. We then switched cars, and I drove to Valley Fair to go shopping. We ended up buy skirts from Forever XXI! So cute! Then we went to American Eagle where I bought this expensive-ass dress. It’s so cute and I have a gift card, so it all balances out… right? We then decided to spend more money, so we went to tutti melon to buy some gelato. Nom nom! I got raspberry sorbet and she got nutella. Like last time! We sat outside Macy’s, enjoyed our frozen treat and discussed the issues around the world, especially oppression.
     After, we searched for a vintage store called Cross Roads, but it was closed. ONE DAY! The Adventures of Jenjen and Banhbanh ended by going to Axell’s getting him to submissively enter my car and having hours of random talk and singing. It was really nice. He eventually, finally let us in where we chilled for a few minutes until both our mommas (at the same time) called us to go home. Lol! So yea, Axell finally gave me prom pictures! Who wants some?
     I dropped off Jen, went home, showered, surfed the net, my internet is super slow for some reason, so now I’m blogging (on Microsoft Word) and I’m about to crash soon. Long, stressful, fun, exciting, random, day today. But in the end, Jen and I got skirts. Mission: Accomplished.