I've had a pretty eventful day yesterday.
     I went to Veggielution and harvested 2 buckets of favah beans. My favorite! Lol. Then, I got to work the wash station with Will again. It seems as if everyone had left that morning. There were about 4 workers, but in the end, it was just Will and I left. So him and I worked the wash station and got talking again. I find out new things about him everyday! i love talking to Will, we tend to get into some pretty intellectual conversations also.
     After Veggielution, I was about to hang out with Marissa, but she got called into work last minute. Darn! We were gonna go to Carmel by the Sea also! Instead, I just went home and cleaned my car and my mom's car. I just chilled at home after that, picked up my brothers and attempted to do some reading for polisci.
     Around 4, I left to go meet up with the juniors at school. We went to St. John's for supper. Yum!!! That place never fails. We were all pretty rushed so we scarfed down our burgers and fries and bolted home. I got a little lost, but thanks to Allyson's droid, we made it to Cotillion practice just in time. This practice was pretty much a fail. Not everyone was there, plus the people who were there were part of the jazz band and they had a concert that same night. So basically, we were left with 3 pairs plus I. We went over the basic steps and reviewed what we learned, then we also learned the Sandwhich contrere (the other sandwhich) and the half sweep (?). Practice ended early since there was no point in furthering on.
     Instead of going home, we all ended up going to watch the Jazz performance. The jazz band is realllyyy good. Let's see, after that, we just chilled, then Jen, Chris, Ferly, Dee, Axell, Kevin, Edward and I went to Nobhill. We hung out for a bit, but then I was starting to get real sleepy so I took Dee and Edward to school, and dropped off Kevin, Chris and Jen.
     When I got home, I did a few last minute things, showered, then went to bed.

     Today, I woke up and immediately began on homework. I think I got to about 3 articles/readings. I'm definitely bringing my laptop with me, hopefully I can get some homework done in solcal.
     I'm so excited for today! This is what I'm gonna do...
-Put away laundry
-Pack suitcase
-Pick up SBN Jen from work
-Possibly switch cars with father
-Probably hang out with SBN Jen or something
-Pick up Kim around 5ish
-Wait for KJN

Yeaaaaa. Haha. Anyways, I gotta go and pack now!

p.s. refreshing my page will not magically produce more blogs, it only gives me more pageviews.. In less than 24 hours, my page views went up by 5 times! Amazing! Lolol




     I can't use weebly with my Droid! FAIL. lol. So yesterday, I went to the Verizon store with my parents. I originally came in with the mindset of getting a blackberry. But since the "Buy One Get One Free" offer only worked for same or lower priced items, getting the Blackberry wouldn't have worked if my dad wanted to get his free phone. Well... the Blackberry Storm would have worked but it SUCKS. So instead, the salesman convinced us to get the Droid. I was really iffy, but my parents really wanted me to get it, they said, "If we pay 30 a month for internet, you might as well get the Droid." So I was like, hmm.. alright I'll get it. SO yea! I got the Droid, with a case, a charger and a bluetooth. Sweet! Lol.
     Today, I watched Alice in Wonderland with Jen, Allyson, Kevin and Dee. I really liked it. It was so trippy! 3-D baby! Good thing I know Hoan, he hecka gave me a discount. We also went to Chipotle's for dinner. Delicious, even though I was the only one who ordered...
     After the movie, we just chilled in the car, then when everyone left, I dropped off Jen and went home.
     I should sleep early! Blake's Graduation is tomorrow and I need to really get ready for it! Eek! Lol.