My room is CLEAN! (Sorta). At school, the main office was filled with smoke so we all were evacuated. So basically, the fire department and police officers arrived and had to investigate. One of the firemen caught my eye. I'm not going to lie but he was really good looking. I think I have a newfound love for firemen.
     Eventually we were able to go back to class. We finished our final and helped Chef prep for the Hobby class. Class ended up being super hectic! Serena and I stayed with Chef Stephany with the Baking and Pastry part while Nancy and Lynn went with Chef Alex for Savory French Cuisine. Yum!
     The hobby class was fun. There were pate a choux, tarts and apple strudels everywhere. All in all, everyone had a great time.
     The class ended around 8:30, I stopped by the studio, said Hi to familar faces, then left. I'm thinking about londboarding to the park to meet up with the guys. Maybe? We'll see.
     A not so secret, secret