I've had a pretty eventful day yesterday.
     I went to Veggielution and harvested 2 buckets of favah beans. My favorite! Lol. Then, I got to work the wash station with Will again. It seems as if everyone had left that morning. There were about 4 workers, but in the end, it was just Will and I left. So him and I worked the wash station and got talking again. I find out new things about him everyday! i love talking to Will, we tend to get into some pretty intellectual conversations also.
     After Veggielution, I was about to hang out with Marissa, but she got called into work last minute. Darn! We were gonna go to Carmel by the Sea also! Instead, I just went home and cleaned my car and my mom's car. I just chilled at home after that, picked up my brothers and attempted to do some reading for polisci.
     Around 4, I left to go meet up with the juniors at school. We went to St. John's for supper. Yum!!! That place never fails. We were all pretty rushed so we scarfed down our burgers and fries and bolted home. I got a little lost, but thanks to Allyson's droid, we made it to Cotillion practice just in time. This practice was pretty much a fail. Not everyone was there, plus the people who were there were part of the jazz band and they had a concert that same night. So basically, we were left with 3 pairs plus I. We went over the basic steps and reviewed what we learned, then we also learned the Sandwhich contrere (the other sandwhich) and the half sweep (?). Practice ended early since there was no point in furthering on.
     Instead of going home, we all ended up going to watch the Jazz performance. The jazz band is realllyyy good. Let's see, after that, we just chilled, then Jen, Chris, Ferly, Dee, Axell, Kevin, Edward and I went to Nobhill. We hung out for a bit, but then I was starting to get real sleepy so I took Dee and Edward to school, and dropped off Kevin, Chris and Jen.
     When I got home, I did a few last minute things, showered, then went to bed.

     Today, I woke up and immediately began on homework. I think I got to about 3 articles/readings. I'm definitely bringing my laptop with me, hopefully I can get some homework done in solcal.
     I'm so excited for today! This is what I'm gonna do...
-Put away laundry
-Pack suitcase
-Pick up SBN Jen from work
-Possibly switch cars with father
-Probably hang out with SBN Jen or something
-Pick up Kim around 5ish
-Wait for KJN

Yeaaaaa. Haha. Anyways, I gotta go and pack now!

p.s. refreshing my page will not magically produce more blogs, it only gives me more pageviews.. In less than 24 hours, my page views went up by 5 times! Amazing! Lolol
    Today was an interesting day. Let's just start off by saying that Darren got mad at me for something I simply stated. The reason why he got frustrated was because I brought up an issue that he didn't want to talk about. Instead of telling me the details, he just got angry with me. Eventually though, he apologized for being angry with me since I didn't know what was happening.
     Business was boring. I almost fell asleep. I went to the Polisci help session today! Donovan was like "Yay! You showed up!" and gave me a hug. Haha. TA's are so awesome. We just talked about the homework and stuff.
     Polisci was pretty fun today. I met a "new" guy today. I put new in quotes because I already sorta met him in one of my group discussions. But yea... We had group discussions, and then talked about oppression. Then my teacher was giving us two examples of oppression.
     The first one was where the parent was turning in her paper work to the teacher right before it was too late to turn it in. So basically, she’s at De Anza at night, and it’s almost 12. She goes to turn in her paper and this guy (who supposedly looks like my teacher, but is really my teacher) yells at her and calls her a “green snorky dork.” He basically just calls her that and that’s the end of the scenario. Then he asks her about what she felt and what she is going to do. She said that she was surprised, she would try to explain to the man (who might be on drugs) why she was there, then she was quickly go to her car, go home, and tell her husband, but, she wouldn’t report it the next day.             
     Second Scenario. She’s at school and everything doing her thing like before. But the same guy (not thinking about the snorky dork incident, and pretending it never happened) goes up to her and calls her a bitch. After that scenario, he asks her what she felt. She basically felt frightened and scared for her life. She was frightened that she would be raped. She would run to her car, go tell her husband, and possibly reporting it.
      Honestly, oppression surrounds us everyday. My teacher asked us “who is affect by sexism everyday?” I was one of the few who raised their hands. After telling this scenario, the same question popped up and almost 100% of the class raised their hands. You might think it doesn’t affect you, but think about it. I honestly will not go walking around at night by myself without a weapon or something, no matter how much strength or skill I may have. I’m afraid to even go to my car or take out the garbage at night. Yes, my neighborhood is a very safe neighborhood, but I have been conditioned to have that automatic fear for myself. I must admit though, if I was in the same situation she is in, my pride would take over and I would cuss out that asshole, and threaten to beat the crap out of him. That’s my initial response. Yes, I’d be shaking in my booties, but I would have probably done that.
     Deep shit huh? I love this polisci class. The only downfall; too much homework and stuff. I love the discussions we have, so deep, so meaningful.
     Anyways, it was pouring by the time we were finished with polisci. I was soaked by the time I got to math. Which, in the end, was boring of course. I fell asleep a few times. That quiz was hard though! I hope I did well.
     When I got home, I picked up Jen, went to her aunt’s house, picked up her car, and then let her drive, with the consent of her mother of course. I took her around the neighborhood, and then went to the DMV in Santa Clara. I just led her to a series of random roads and intersections. After that, I critiqued her as we headed home. We then switched cars, and I drove to Valley Fair to go shopping. We ended up buy skirts from Forever XXI! So cute! Then we went to American Eagle where I bought this expensive-ass dress. It’s so cute and I have a gift card, so it all balances out… right? We then decided to spend more money, so we went to tutti melon to buy some gelato. Nom nom! I got raspberry sorbet and she got nutella. Like last time! We sat outside Macy’s, enjoyed our frozen treat and discussed the issues around the world, especially oppression.
     After, we searched for a vintage store called Cross Roads, but it was closed. ONE DAY! The Adventures of Jenjen and Banhbanh ended by going to Axell’s getting him to submissively enter my car and having hours of random talk and singing. It was really nice. He eventually, finally let us in where we chilled for a few minutes until both our mommas (at the same time) called us to go home. Lol! So yea, Axell finally gave me prom pictures! Who wants some?
     I dropped off Jen, went home, showered, surfed the net, my internet is super slow for some reason, so now I’m blogging (on Microsoft Word) and I’m about to crash soon. Long, stressful, fun, exciting, random, day today. But in the end, Jen and I got skirts. Mission: Accomplished.
     I woke up and did homework. Yay for me! I got distracted, but at least I got SOME done... right? Around 3:30PM, I hungout with Hieu. He picked me up and we visited the band kids at MIP. Around 4, we left and went to the theaters. KICK ASS! Omg, that movie is good! I totally did not expect it to be this great... and bloody. Lol.
     After, he dropped me home, I was going to hang out with Geoff, but he rescheduled to Tuesday so I just tried to do more homework.

    I woke up early and got ready to go to MHS for the very first meeting with Cosmo. I was super early when I got there so I wandered around for a bit, then I decided to just sit down. Next came Cosmo and his dance partner. I don't remember her name... lol. Then Jen, Allyson, and Kevin came. Axell came too but he had to leave early. So anyways, we had a small discussion with Cosmo, then we headed off to the L buildings so he could teach us a few moves. Kikay, Junette and Kirsten came later on and that was it. We started off with the salsa. We did the basic steps and eventually added in our hips. The salsa is supposed to be a nice flirty type dance. Next was the tango, which is a more seductive and serious dance. We did a few steps of that and just kept practicing. It was pretty fun. We got to partner with each other and practice our moves. All in all, it was really fun. Pretty dissappointing on how many people came though. There better not be that many next time or imma kick some ass.
     After practice, I called up Kim and we ended up going to the Blackbelt test really early. I didn't expect to be there at all! But we went anyways. We said HI to a bunch of people. I actually got to have a sit down convo with Danyelle. She's pretty cool to talk to.
     When testing was over and it was time to leave, I helped the Creamers set up a bit, then met up with Kim and Jen. We waited for a really long time before KJN could come out, but once he did, we immediately left. We went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch. Delish! I love how it is an all you can eat buffet. This is definitely a MUST GO TO place! You'd love it.
     After lunch, we went back to SCU and got out seats. VIP BABY! Lol. I felt so special! The show was alright. Demo team finally had a new routine! Its definitely better. The show ended around 9ish. I had to leave though, no conditioning unfortunately, but I'm sure they did great
     CONGRATS YOU GUYS! YOU DID IT! Many many red tops are coming in the future. I wish I was a part of them through the trainings though, C'est la vie.

     Ate pho with my dad and 2 brothers, no mama today... I basically just did some homework and met up with my teammates at De Anza to discuss what to do with our team and stuff. Not much happened, really.
     When I got home, I was just basically stressing out on hw. I have wayy too much! I gave up around 11 and headed off to sleep.

     Bus10: Our team is #1 in our planet! Yay! But it doesn't mean we're #1 in our class.. which we aren't.
     Poli01: I went to the extra credit help session. The TA's are so cool! We stayed for about 20 minutes, but they gave us an hour worth of points. They also answered our questions and stuff. Class was pretty good. I was dozing off towards the end though...
     Math51: Midterm! I'm pretty sure I did really well on it. I mean, I HAVE to right? I already took that friken class. Lol
     When I got home, I decided to watch RENT. It's actually really good the second time! I liked it. I also decided to go take Karate today. Just did pad work and conditioning, argg I'm so out of shape. Bleh. I just watched some tv when I got home and slept.

Today, I was going to go to Veggielution, but I set my mindset that it was going to rain, so when I woke up, it wasn't raining... I ended up not going anyways.. I feel bad now. But I need rain boots! maybe I'll buy some when I go hang out with Geoff. Session with Brent today!
     Unfortunately for I, I did not go out with Amanda, she was caught up in work. Next time though. I brought Mom the tart, I really hope she likes it! I wish there was a way that I could try it out before I give it away... but that requires me taking a slice of it... Which won't do. I also hung out with Axell for a bit. We didn't really get anything done...
     I trained for the first time in months today, with SBN Jen. It was a good workout, shows how much weight I need to lose to get back into shape. I really think I'm getting fatter! I'm going to cut down my meals. One meal a day. I promise you. I can't afford to see the scale hit that doomed number, I'd kill myself! So, I'm going to be proactive! Fine fine, I'll finally admit that I'm a health freak. There! Happy now? It's not like I'm hungry anyways...
     After training, Kjn and Jen treated me out to Applebee's. It's the first time I've been there. Note to self: Ask for more mango in the mango iced tea, ask for buffalo sauce on the side (yuk!). Other than that, the food was really filling! I prefer Chilis' though...
     I'm thinking about getting back into training. Hopefully twice a week now that I actually have time. I need to get back into shape, summer's coming!
     It's amazing how a few days could change your life. Recap:
Yesterday,  I began working on my Lemon Tart for MOM. After I made the short dough, my back started hurting like crazy! Long story short, I ended up getting in contact with Brent to help me with it. I was going to have a session with him before the dinner, but I rescheduled it to next week. Anyways, around 11:30, I headed out to buy Pearl Drinks and food from Tapx so I could treat out Allyson for being there when I really needed it... And to Wilson who asked for some. Lol. I'll get you something next time Axell, I have no more money!
     When I got to the high school, I was mobbed by a bunch of juniors who attacked me with their hugs. Especially from Jen. LOL! But anyways, before I left school, I went to visit MOM. We talked for a bit then I left. When I got home, Kevin picked me up and we went to Chipotle's, then to Patty's, then to AW, the sort of adventuring, then back home. After an hour or so at home, I left to go to Bucca de Beppo for dinner with former classmates; Lynn and Serena. We had such a great time... Especially sitting next to a family with a screaming baby. Oh the joy.. But we did have a great time though. We talked and talked, I think Lynn had a thing for our waiter. After, we went to the small bakery nearby and checked out their goods. Then we went to Coffee Society and chatted there till it started pouring rain.
     After a few hours, Lynn went home and Serena and I went to PCI to visit our chefs. We took Chef's bench scraper and said HI to Chef Stephany. Fun times. around 9, we decided to just go home. Not much happened afterwards.
     Today, I woke up and began to finish my tart. It's finally complete! I just need to chill it more so it could seize. While I was playing rockband, I got a phone call from Pebble Beach. So, they offered me a proposal, after they do background checks and drug screening, they'll offer me a job if everything goes well. Yes! I have no worries now. I'm so excited!
     So yea, plans for today: Give Pie to Mom, Go have drinks with Amanda, Karate, home. Busy day! Sorta..
     First day of CHOCOLATE and CANDY CONFECTIONS!! It was so awesome. Serena and I are pro at tempering chocolate now. We made Almond Rocher and Four Brothers today. Nom nom! I can't wait for our final final, we get to present all the chocolate we make!
     More issues with Nancy... Ehh, not a shock huh? I'm gonna tell the whole class tomorrow that I think that we should do our own dishes. I'm gonna say it straight up, no sugar coating, and if I have to, I'll probably put Nancy on blast. But that's only if she's pissing me off as I'm trying to speak.
     Blake cancelled on me at the last minute. Oh well... He got called to work unexpectedly. But I guess the good news is that I went with my original plan and hung out with Axell instead? We were planning to play some basket ball but the courts were full and the HS courts were dark... So we ended up just going to Allyson's place and just chatting with her. We left around 8:40 though, that when her dad came home. Axell stayed at my place till 9:30 and we just talked about random stuff. Then he left.
     What a spontaneous day... sorta. Lol. Why is everyone in such a bad mood? I guess that's what happens in life.

     My what a day it has been today. My parents left for Sac this morning so my siblings and I stayed home. I ended up cleaning up the whole house while watching The Real World: DC. So addicting...
     Around 11, I went over to Eugene's to "help" him pack. Darren came later and we just chilled around in house. I think I left around 12:30. I bought some Pizza Hut for my family! I fail at ordering food... But it was still tasty.
     I feel very accomplished today. I cleaned both living rooms and my grandma's area, my brother's room and my room. So much cleaning!
     Around 8, Axell randomly came over. We chilled in my room and talked for hours! Lol. It's nice talking to Axell, I feel very comfortable conversing with him. I told him one of my deepest darkest secrets. Only 2 people know now! Lol. Unexpected.
     I miss you Eugene! A friend of mines temporarily left today, but an old friend came by in my life. Oh how unexpected life is sometimes.

Like We Used To

Does he watch your favorite movies?
Does he hold you when you cry?
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts,
When you've seen it a million times?
Does he sing to all your music,
While you dance to purple rain?
Does he do all these things,
Like I used to?

A Rocket To The Moon