I like conversating with Bob. We litterally spent parts of the morning and the whole afternoon discussing issues on how we view life. It's the kind of stuff you wont expect me to talk about with my other friends (minus Kim of course). We basically talked till 4ish, that's when I decided to leave for Joe's BBQ
     On my way, I picked up Son and we got kind of lost. Luckily though, I found my way! I said Hi to familiar faces, talked the the Juniors for a bit, then talked to Kenny. I haven't seen him in foreverrr!!! After a mixture of talking, chilling and watching TV, Jen went to the kitchen to do her magic. Her and Allyson began baking cupcakes! Lol. So cute. They turned out pretty good! I tried to make a rose, but the texture of it was so weird!
     After that cupcake excitement, we went outside and began playing scenario games. Son is hecka good! He got 3 of them correct. Then Allyson got one and Jen got one. Dee got none... unfortunately. He was definitely on the right track for so many of them, but then everyone else figured it out before he did.
     When it was 6ish, we then packed our bags and headed out. I took Jen, Allyson and Son home. Ironically, when I was almost home, Darren called me to tell me he was on his way... FAIL!
     Anyways, I went home, ate salad for dinner and hung out with Tiffnay. We decided to go to Sweetheart Cafe where I ordered a crepe, thai tea (no pearls) and fries. Omg. That was so filling! It was like my dinner! I couldn't finish the crepes or fries! I had to throw the crepe away, but I took home the fries and thai tea... We then went to Wal-Mart, then randomly, to the Cheesecake Factory. I think I scared the waiter. I was like "you're 5 seconds late!" but I said JK, but iono if he heard me. Uh oh... I hope I didn't ruin his night! That'd be terrible! After, she just took me home and that was my night.

     I love talking to Tiffany! We had so much to catch up on! Oh mann. I don't know why people hate her so much. She's a genuinely nice person. I feel like if you just have a seat with her and talk to her personally, you get to know so much about her and her background. She's also the type that will do the same in return and listen to you. People may think she's stupid or whatever, but Tiffany is just a silly girl and I love her for that. I hate hearing the stories on how people hate on her because it hurts me a little inside. She is such a lovable person and if people actually took time out of their fucking schedule to talk to her, they would recognize that too. Tiffany, I LOVE YOU! And I definitely miss hanging out with you. Tiffany is definitely one of those friends that recognize the good things that you do for her and she'll repay you back with the same love and respect.
     I dreamt I kissed him and he kissed me back. It was kind of like the casual, semi-passionate stuff. We were in a knife store, or something like that, and I went up to him and causually did the hug and kiss thing, then I told him that I wouldn't be able to go to Veggielution the day after. I don't remember his expression though. Next thing I know, we're walking around like a couple, it was nice yet surprising. I wasn't sure what to do.. but yea, that was my odd dream

     Dennis haunted me in one of my dreams. So, I remember talking to him and telling him that I wont be able to make it on certain days and he just kept saying "It's coming out of your pay." Then I remember that the first day that I start, I overslept and woke up an hour late. I told Dennis and he just said "It's coming out of your pay." Friken old man, tryna give me nightmares! I'll definitely have to tell him. I also dreamt that he got older and older, his face kept getting more wrinkly and stuff...

     Stupid Eugene, that pyramid scheme haunted me too, thanks to you. I just dreamt that I was in a really long line trying to take a survery. It was on a single touch screen monitor that tons of people stood in line for. If you got lucky, you did the survey without worries, but if you weren't so lucky, you were scammed. Before you submit your survey, you can decide for yourself if you want to or not. It was kind of like a shoot and miss kind of thing. But when it was my turn, I found the secret. If the survey was in green, then you passed, but if it was red, you weren't so lucky. I'm such a genius.

     Oh the things that run through my head. Weird et confusing.



     Why do my parents ask me questions about my sister? Do they expect me to know everything about her or something?

     As I walked downstairs to the kitchen to get water, my mom asked me where my sister was. I told her she was upstairs, then she asked me why her car wasn't in the front. I was just like wtf...? "Why don't you guys ask her yourself?"

     This really annoys me. They ALWAYS do this, they might as well put a tracking chip on her to know where she is 24/7. Geeze!



I seem to assume too much. I think that my good deeds with bring me good karma and that you'll recognize what I do for you. But that is all a lie. I would tell you, but I have too much pride in myself to let you know.
Some friend you are...
It's true that they say
I do way more than you

d e s e r v e.
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about: when I need you, you're not there. When you need me, I'm always there in a blink. And you call yourself a good friend? Think again.
    Yesterday, I hung out with Jen. We went to Nobhill and got some renditions of sex in a cup. O-Delice! We chilled outside of Nobhill and enjoyed ourselves; beautiful weather, delicious food, and a shitload of catching up.
     After that excitement, we decided to go back to Jen's to chill for a bit. I had her mom's delicious angelhair pasta with mushrooms and oysters. I had to cut it up extremely small, but it's definitely worth it.
     We then decided to venture off to Crossroads and shop. When we FINALLY got there, stupid traffic, there was only 5 minutes left to shop. I figured that that wasn't enough time for me to buy anything, seeing that I'm not much of a shopper and that I have to look at almost everything. But Jen found a few things that she liked. Lucky girl! Lol. I am, most definitely, coming back to this place. I have so much clothes that I want to sell!
     After crossroads, we went to Rasputin's where I bought a She&Him cd. How lovely! I love their music by the way.
     It was getting late so I drove Jen home, and went home myself. Nothing eventful happened afterwards...

     Today, we had cotillion practice. It's hard trying to teach them when i don't even know the moves myself. Eventually, we had more bodies show up, so learning everything was a little better. Blahh. My schedule's going to suck for the next few days... finals, internship, school, cotillion practice. I'm actually going to put Veggielution on hold for the time being.
     After practice, we all just chatted outside. I gave Son a ride home and went home to do homework... Oh, so fun. I find that reading this certain article is very difficult. For some reason, what the words on the screen say do not register in my mind! Too many things to think of! Gahh.
     Anyways, I really want to watch a movie right now... but I got to write up a summary for that confusing article... should I reread it again and write it up later or just see what I can do now..? I should go though. Toodles!
     Taking painkillers are a pain in the arse. When I got home from the doctors, I immediately went to bed. I woke up 2 hours later but my mom wasn't home with the meds so I went back to sleep. Eventually, the numbness faded and the pain came. When she came home, I took 2 pills and ate some porridge.
     After a while, I began to feel lightheaded so I went back to sleep. From then on, it was a mix of light headedness and tiredness. Blah. Well, the good thing is, Dennis called me and gave me a job offer! Sweet! I guess I'm on board now. I would start on Sunday, but given the fact that I just had surgery and that I have a Midterm on Wednesday, working on Sunday is out of the question. Although... I'm starting on Tuesday instead. He keeps changing the times on me so I'm not sure when the official times are. Grr..
     Anyways, I took my pain meds on last time, which made me feel like throwing up. Ughh. I ended up falling back asleep. I eventually woke up and watched Nathalee Halloway, The OCD Project, and parts of Iron Chef.
      The OCD Project gave me nightmares! I dreamt that I had OCD and I had to do these insane rituals! Scary stuff.
     Anyways, back to my thoughts on the surgery... It was really quick. I really want to be asleep for the next surgery since they only took 2 out, but I doubt that's going to happen. After the surgery, I felt like my lips swelled up or something, but i
     So these are my last thoughts before going into surgery to get my wisdoms out. I'm pretty anxious but nervous. I've heard lots of mixed reviews (none were good). I'm kind of mad that my mom isn't allowing me to be put asleep so I hope I fall asleep by myself. I only had 6 hours of sleep, so that should do it.
     I really hope that my friends come and visit me, bring orange juice! Man, I'm hungry, kind of scared, and I'm being rushed. I wont have anymore more wisdom! Lol. Stupid Wilson said "Since when did you have them?" haha. That jerk! Anyways, I'm being rushed to go. Ahhhh.....!!!
     So, this morning, I slept at 2:30 AM. My first time ever sleeping late! Oh gee... In business we had a midterm that I didn't know about.. I hope I did well, but I know I failed it. Polisci was fun. We went out to the football field and did an exercise.
     Basically, our whole class stood in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder. Then our teacher and the TA's read stuff to us. Basically, if it implied to us, we would take a step forward and back. Some examples were "If your grandparents graduated from college, step forward." or "If you were evicted from your house, step back." It was an exercise that basically showed us that we're not all equal. People had so many privileges, and many people had almost none. I actually stepped forward and back a few time, but I ended in the middle. This is a confusing exercise to explain without demonstration so its understandable.
     I hate our prof. in math. Stupid stingy asian man! `Nuff said...
     After school, I had a project to do with my class. I was late for cotillion practice, which I found out shortly after that it was canceled. I ended up going to Chipotle with Darren, David and Bob. Yum yum! It's my last meal before my surgery!!!
     When I got home, I just watched Big Bang Theory until Bob came over. He did a video interview on me. I hope he could use the footage that he got. I didn't really have time to actually think about my answers. I just went with it. Lol.
     After the interview, Bob and I were gonna longboard to Darren's house, but then Darren was still doing homework so we ended up just longboarding to the park. We chilled there and talked. We had some really good political and philosophical conversations. You know, those conversations that you don't usually have with people. It was really nice. Bob's full of so much insight. We also agree on many things, especially politics.
     So, we basically chilled at the park till 11, then we decided to go home, since it was cold and I was getting sleepy. When I got home, I just ate my last meals (cereal and cheez-it) and talked to Wilson.
     I gotta sleep now! I'll blog about my last thoughts tomorrow morning.
     Veggielution this morning. It didn't rain! Today, I helped Will organize and water the plants. That's what we mainly did today. Fun Schtuff. After that, I was getting hungry so Will suggested that we go get something to eat today. Hehe.. We went to this hole in the wall mexican place. They had 2 for $3 burritos and 99 cent tacos. Yum! I didn't expect it, but he paid for me! So sweet, it wasn't that expensive anyways.
      When I got home, I did some homework, then I had to go get fingerprinted. So I went with my mom to this place where I had to fill out paper work, stand in line for 20 minutes to find out that I have to first watch a 40 minute video, then stand in line for another 10 minutes, take my picture, then go to the place where we get fingerprinted, which I had to wait another 1-2 hours. Omg.. Waste of my day! The fingerprinting was the worst! The people who worked there were so slow! UGHH. I could've done so much homework in that time period...
     After that, I went home, did some homework, then decided to walk to Pizza Night. As I was walking by the creek, I got closer to Darren's house and we ended up walking together. Surprisingly, we were the first ones there!
     Eventually, everyone came and we ordered 2 pizzas. We also played a bunch of those scenario games. Man.. We stayed there for a hecka long time playing those games.
     When I got home, I basically went through my homework straight. It's 2:30 AM right now and I'm beat! Bed time... Oh, I'm definitely getting Starbucks in the morning!