My Weebly won’t let me Blog on my Macbook for some reason. I finally get to blog when I use my brother's PC...

     School, School, School… After, I went home and watched a bunch of Big Bang Theory. After a few hours, Chris Vu calls and asks if he can come over, so I let him. It was nice seeing him. He really likes to hug though… We just chilled and talked, and played some guitar. After about an hour, he had to leave and that was basically it. Nothing really eventful on Monday… Not that I remember of course. Oh Wait! Will gave me a “purple flying hawaaiian fish” Sticker for my longboard. Yay! Oh, I also baked some coffee cupcakes and formed doughnuts. The cupcakes turned out awful…

      Veggielution, like always. I helped them reorganize a bit, then put about 20 sprouted tomatoe plants into pots, fill it with soil, worm castings, and also this bark like thing to protect the castings from turning to clay. Then Mark came around a fertilized everything. There were only 4 of us: Mark, Will, Khanh, and I.
      After that, I go home and Immediately started baking a new batch of NEW cupcakes. It’s definitely better, but not perfect yet… I got to bake my cupcakes, fry my doughnuts, and also assemble the cupcake and doughnuts together with chocolate ganauche. De-Lish! Lol.
      I brought about 8 to Brent and got my session. Then went home to watch more Big Bang Theory. After a while, I got sleepy and took a 30 minute nap. When I woke up, I dropped my brother off at karate, and I went to Pizza Night. There were a bunch of people this time; Darren, Alan, Vince, David, Thomas, Arnold, Bob, Sharon, Elizabeth, and I. Hecka people! Oh! I gave Thomas 9 cupcake doughnut things. He loved them so much! Lol. I’m really surprised. Pizza night was so much fun! Afterwards, we all decided to go play pool at the Santa Clara Billiards place. I got to ride with Bob on the way there. His ride is so awesome! I really like talk to Bob! When we got there, we got about 3 tables and just started playing. Fun Stuff. I went against Bob, and I lost every. single. time. By the time it was 12, I had to go home so Bob drove Darren, Sharon and I home.
      Bob is so funny! After dropping off Sharon, we took the 85 to go home and it was literally empty and super dark. So Bob was like, “OMG! I can do doughnuts!” So he basically he did 2 doughnuts in the middle of the freeway then kept going and hit 110MPH. Hecka crazy!!! It was so much fun though, no lie.
      When I got home, I seriously thought that I left my phone in Bob’s car so I ran upstairs, went on FB and found his number, then called him. Long story short, my phone was in my car the whole time and I saved Bob a trip to my house… Lol, fail on my part. I slept around 1.

       School. Not much happened. Nothing very eventful… Although, my math teach knows my name… so not creepy… Haha. jk. After school, I went home, ate, then went to Cotillion Practice, which ended HELLA early. Oh well, we just chilled outside for a bit, then all decided to go to Nob Hill. I had to smuggle Edward in my trunk… Lol! So, I hung out with the group for an hour or so, got to talk to Kim on the phone, and then went to hang with Amanda.
     When I got to Santana Row, Marissa called me and was like “Where’s Amanda?” So basically Amanda went MIA, but actually was sleeping in her room. FAIL! Lol. So yea, I just went to The Container Store, waited till they come and chilled there. We took these really nice comfy chairs and started rolling ourselves around the place. Eventually, we felt like we were gonna get into trouble so we put the chairs back. It was fun while it lasted. I want to invest in those chairs now…
      We had nowhere else to go, so we ended up going to Amanda’s new place. It’s actually really nice. Pretty clean to, which I’m surprised. At the same time I was there, I was making arrangements to hang out with Will. I didn’t expect him to agree to chill tonight but he did. I didn’t get to hang with the ladies for long because I ended up going to the same Billiards place yesterday to meet up with him. Will is really good! He was giving me tips and pointers and stuff. He basically beat me all 10 times we played! Lol. But he’s a good teacher, I’m getting the hang of it. I seriously couldn’t stop smiling though. I was smiling ear-to-ear. Now my jaws hurt.
      I had such a great night though. We talked a lot and he was being a gent and paid for the game. I definitely owe him some pastries. Surprisingly, he’s allergic to strawberries! Omg! Howww? It’s the best thing in the world! Lol.
      So yea, after that, I went home, showered, and now I’m here blogging. I’m starving though! Midnight snack? Good night!
     Veggielution at 8:30! It was small but fun. I'm loving those Favah Beans! Unfortunately, I didn't get to work with Will, for he was picking snow-peas. But, I did get to work with this girl name Hailey, who's in my class. She's from Bakersfield! (AND is definitely open minded to everything). We talked a LOT while picking purple broccoli and favah beans. She had to leave early though, sadly. I eventually switched over to the washing station and helped out there. Then I helped plant some California Native Plants near the wash station where they could absorb all the water.
     After that, I immediately left right away and headed towards PCI. I got my Almond Meal! I also passed my SERVSAFE test! YESH! I can throw away the books and stuff now! I thanked Chef Jeremy for being so patient with me. I got to talk to Zane before I left. God he's so hot. LOL! He's like a friken international model! He told me that he's gonna work for the US Open and hopefully, they will hire him. I HOPE so! Then we'll get to work with each other!
     After PCI, I headed over the De Anza to meet with Gaudry, my CC Partner. Meeting Gaudry for the first time was exciting. I didn't know much about her but as we talked over some curly fries, we connected instantly. She explained her background and culture as I shared mines. We talked about future plans, holidays, relationships, and just about everything in between. Our cultures had many similarities as well as differences. I am definitely glad that I was partnered with Gaudry because it seemed as though we had always been friends from the start and were just rekindling our friendship. I look forward to meeting Gaudry again; we are currently planning a trip to San Francisco where I will introduce her to the BART and many of San Francisco's finest. As Albert Camus once said, "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. "
      After that, I headed home and took a nap, SO exhausted. Around 7, I headed over to Darren's, waited for Vince and went over to Alan's. Once Alex came, we went to Costco to buy drugs, then headed over to the Corolla meet. It was so much fun! Many people, new faces, chicken wings, fries, laughter, smiles,  jokes, and criticism. I met a bunch of people, I only remember about 2 of the 20 or so people I met. LOL! I was the only girl too, which is definitely a plus. This really inspired me to MOD my car. Lol! I wish, if my car was even MOD-able... I really want the blue LEDs in my dashboard though. I LOVE blue! Bob did a photoshoot for this White guy's mazda, Rob. We left around 11, and just went home.  
     That was all yesterday too! It was definitely a busy day. I KO'd at night and didn't wake up till 8 today. All I've been doing so far is eating peanuts and cashews, do laundry, do some polisci hw, clean my room, surf the net, uploaded a bunch of stuff from my camera, and.... mainly just sit here. Back to homework!
Red Wings definitely had an epic win...
     I watched Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past! I liked it! Well... I like everything that has to do with a chick flick. Lol! Never ask me for an opinion on movies, please and thank you. lol!
     After that session with Brent, it felt good, but now my back is sore! Lol. Brent is trying to hook me up with his 19 year old friend who is tall, white, and surfs. That's all I know so far... It's really funny though, he showed me a pic and I was like "Oh, he's cute" and Brent was like "What?! You think he's cute? I'll tell him!" haha.
     After the session, we went up to Geoff's and ate some Grapeleaves risotto. I really liked it! Mainly because I've never tried it before. But it was good, and I was hungry, and you know what they say "Everything tastes good when you're hungry". Eventually after that, Brent, Geoff and I went back to Brent's place and Geoff just played Need for Speed or something. He was also pimpin` out his Mazda... He painted it an ugly ass lime green color, had a mexican flag on top, and fire flame decals on the side that were coming from the wheels. It was the ugliest car I've ever seen. The best part was, he put a spoiler on it! It ended up being on the roof of the car. I dunno how to explain it, but yea...
     Geoff and I decided to do some "shopping". We went over to Target so I could find rain boots, but I couldn't find any decent ones at all! Ugh. Rain boot FAIL! We ended up going to the game store and buying Katamari Forever for the PS3. It's so friken BORING. I'm going to return that ASAP! We both eventually fell asleep while playing that game.
     When I left, I went home, chilled a bit, then went to PIZZA NIGHT. This one was pretty fun. Alan and Darren got into a weird sweatshirt fight...
     Lol, what weirdos. After pizza night, we all decided to just go our own ways. I don't remember much of what I did at home... Surfed the net, watched tv...
     Today, school was boring. I kinda dozed off in math. Oh wells, I got a B on the midterm anyways. When I got home, I ate something small, then headed off to school for cotillion practice. It actually went sucessfully well! Everyone had a great time and we all shared some laughs. There were about 2 missing people, but it's alright. I was very surprised and shocked.
     When I got home, I took a little nap, then watched 27 Dresses as I attempted to clean my room. GOOD MOVIE! I can't wait till I get married! I love the roles that Katherine Heigl plays. Her personalities are always so BOLD.
     Anyways, I gotta sleep now. Forsure I'm going to VEGGIELUTION tomorrow. Hopefully it's not raining! Night.
     I did almost nothing. I did glaze the cake though... I also went to Veggielution, but no one was there! After, I rushed over to De Anza to get my papers signed, but they didn't have it ready! So then, I rushed home (because it was already 2), quickly decorated my cake for Brent, then headed over for the session.
     He loved the cake, of course. Lol. Brent just did a body/muscle massage thing. It felt really nice, sorta painful though. It was really nice talking to him and getting to know him more. I don't think there was a spark or anything. Mainly because he's about 10 years older than me! I don't know though, we will see. Apparently, my cake covers 2 sessions, so I have one more chiropractic session next Tuesday, around 2.
     After the session, I went home, watched Definitely, Maybe, Picked up Jen, visited Kevin Luong, got my sunglasses from Frank, then went to pick up 2 large pizzas. After, we all went to Darren's house, turned on the Sharks game and enjoyed Pizza Night. We were placing bets, in the middle of that we somehow got to the topic of Angry Gorilla and Tunneling... LOL! You gotta love my friends.. In the end, SHARKS WON! YEA BITCHES! Lol.
     So Jen and I stayed there till 10 I believe? I took her home. Went home, and finished watching Definitely, Maybe.

     School. UGHH!
     Didn't really do much when I got home... Around 6:30, Darren picked me up and we headed over to the Sushi Factory for Alex's birthday! I usually don't like sushi, but I had one of everything anyways. I think the sauce for certain ones made it taste a lot better.
     After, we went to Alex's and had some cake. They were playing Brawl and eventually, it led to watching a movie. Darren, Alan and I couldn't stay long, so we just went home instead.

     I woke up early and went straight to Veggielution. I missed the friken exit because people wouldn't let me in! Eff jerks! Oh wells. There were only 6 people there. When I got there, I began weeding stuff, then moving plants and putting cardboard down. Eventually, I got to cut lettuce and wash them. Then I was put on the wash station for a while...
     Note to self: Seriously invest in rainboots! My shoes were pretty muddy and soaked. But yea, I washed a lot of veggies, helped weigh out some of them, and then went home. I got free fava beans! It tastes pretty good actually!
     When I got home, I ate, took my grandma to my cousin's watched He's Not That Into You, bought Panda EX for my sister, then watched YES MAN. After that, Kim picked me up and we headed over to Campbell for the 3rd Degree testing. We got kinda lost and somehow ended up at the airport.... Don't ask. But eventually, we made our way to WC Campbell. Omg, the test was so friken long! We left around 9:50. The candidates did well though. I can't say much since I'm not a 3rd degree. But they did pretty good. Kim and I got into an actual convo with Danyelle and we also met Patrick's gf, Jennifer. She's so tall! She's really nice though. I'm happy for him!
     We finally got home around 10, then, I decided to go to eat Mogo with Kevin and Perry. It's pretty good stuff! I like! Sharks WON! 5-0 YEA BITCHES. Lol.
     Now that I am home, I stuffed myself with hot tea and honey as I blogged. I'm thinking about doing some homework, but I'm getting tired now... Crap... I NEED TO DO HW TOMORROW! No EXCEPTIONS... unless I'm taking a break. GOOD NIGHT
     School was pretty boring... `Nuff said.
     After school, Darren, Alan and I went on a Jamba run. Yay for Bogo promos! After Jamba, we went to Petsmart.
     Dog food + Jamba.. I'm a happy camper.
     After that, we just loitered around in the parking lot. I pulled out my longboard and we ended up having a longboard photoshoot.
Taken by me!
     I had a lot of fun. I miss longboarding. I can't wait for the summer!
     When I got home, I decided to make a Double Chocolate cake for Brent tomorrow for our Session. I'm almost done! I just need to have it glazed and delivered! Yay! So much to do, so little time. My plans for tomorrow:
-Wake up early
-Go to Veggielution to get papers signed
-Go home and Glaze the cake
-Go to De Anza to pick up signed paperwork
-Go to Session with Brent
-Go home... Do homework or something productive with my free time
-Pick up Jen
-Pizza Night!
     3.29.10- Bittersweet goodbyes. Class was fun, funner than it ever has been. Minus Jas and Nancy of course. But I guess that's what made it awesome. We got to do whatever we felt like, and at the end, we took tons of pictures. We also got Chef a brand new tool box! We all planned to have a dinner shindig after class, but since we stuffed ourselves full of Mahi Mahi, Salad, Beignets, and other random goodies, we postponed it to Wednesday. Class renunion!!!
     After class, I went over to Blake's for sundae night! Lol! It was delish! I'm going to miss him... We talked about our relationship... and yea...
      I got home around 9, Darren and Alan came over at 11ish and stayed till one. We were on Chatroulette and I made a sign that said "Show your tits to Jessica -->" and another that said "Nice Tits!" LOL! It was so funny, so many man tits... Good times.
     When they left, I called Blake, probably for the last time, and went to bed.
     Today, I woke up early and headed out to Krispy Kreme with Darren and Alan. We got back around 11 and I headed over to Blake's to help him pack. We went to Santana Row after and eventually went back to the apartment. We said out last good byes and that was it...
     I went to the school after to pick up my wedding cake and was pulled aside by Royce, he told me another internship opportunity on a cruise ship. I would definitely do it, but because I need to focus on school, I'm probably going to have to turn it down, unfortunately. I'm glad my options are up though.
     When I got home, I dropped off my cake then went to Pizza Lunch. We ended early and departed ways, I went home and slept till 7, I was definitely KO'd. But yea.. Not much to do now. Kinda boredd.
    Maybe we should've just gotten into a fight, it would have definitely been easier.
     In class, we worked as a team to finish our buffet final. Actually, let me rephrase it, we worked as a "team". Basically, Lynn and I did anything with fruits and tarts. Serena baked off Jalousies and Napoleons while Nancy and Jasmine were filling pate a choux. Lynn and I finished really quickly as Nancy and Jasmine were taking their sweet time. When Lynn and I finished, I took our tarts and anything to do with fruits to the demo kitchen and I started to plate all the tarts, buffet style. I couldn't do much at first because I didn't have anything else to plate but EVENTUALLY the profiterols and swans were brought out. Even though Serena was the last to bring out her things, she couldn't control the time; she had to bake off everything. then wait for it to cool, then assemble everything, glaze and cut. She did help out with chocolate mousse cups and the dishes. All-in-all, we missed our deadline, but had a nice big delicious buffet for the whole school. We got out quite late also, we still had tons of dishes to finish washing plus all the extra goodies needed to be taken home or given away. Long and busy day.
     After class, I went to Michaels, then to karate to drop off food, then to "Pizza" night. It was super packed! We all ended up going to Chipotle's instead. So delicious. Afterwards, we just walked around the mall and eventually left back to Darren's house.
     Everyone eventually left but Alan and I stayed for about half an hour. We just layed on the couches and talked about random stuff. Lol. Now I'm at home. I can't find where to buy a basket for baguettes! Rawr!