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(Via K.Nesmith)
     Jen's droid kept sending the same tweet over and over again to my phone. The tweet was "I feel like this is the perfect time to say something... I'm so scared though! My fingers are shaking!" It seemed as though it only kept resending to my droid for some reason. So Jen and I came up with the conclusion, Jen's CougarDroid, Fabrizia, is in love with my Nerdy Droid, Dexter. She's trying to send him a sign. Lol! If we could get Allyson's BabyDroid in, we'll have a DroidThreesome!
Check out this video. It is very empowering and it left me speechless. It even brought tears to my eyes. Every 15 Minutes
     I watched Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past! I liked it! Well... I like everything that has to do with a chick flick. Lol! Never ask me for an opinion on movies, please and thank you. lol!
     After that session with Brent, it felt good, but now my back is sore! Lol. Brent is trying to hook me up with his 19 year old friend who is tall, white, and surfs. That's all I know so far... It's really funny though, he showed me a pic and I was like "Oh, he's cute" and Brent was like "What?! You think he's cute? I'll tell him!" haha.
     After the session, we went up to Geoff's and ate some Grapeleaves risotto. I really liked it! Mainly because I've never tried it before. But it was good, and I was hungry, and you know what they say "Everything tastes good when you're hungry". Eventually after that, Brent, Geoff and I went back to Brent's place and Geoff just played Need for Speed or something. He was also pimpin` out his Mazda... He painted it an ugly ass lime green color, had a mexican flag on top, and fire flame decals on the side that were coming from the wheels. It was the ugliest car I've ever seen. The best part was, he put a spoiler on it! It ended up being on the roof of the car. I dunno how to explain it, but yea...
     Geoff and I decided to do some "shopping". We went over to Target so I could find rain boots, but I couldn't find any decent ones at all! Ugh. Rain boot FAIL! We ended up going to the game store and buying Katamari Forever for the PS3. It's so friken BORING. I'm going to return that ASAP! We both eventually fell asleep while playing that game.
     When I left, I went home, chilled a bit, then went to PIZZA NIGHT. This one was pretty fun. Alan and Darren got into a weird sweatshirt fight...
     Lol, what weirdos. After pizza night, we all decided to just go our own ways. I don't remember much of what I did at home... Surfed the net, watched tv...
     Today, school was boring. I kinda dozed off in math. Oh wells, I got a B on the midterm anyways. When I got home, I ate something small, then headed off to school for cotillion practice. It actually went sucessfully well! Everyone had a great time and we all shared some laughs. There were about 2 missing people, but it's alright. I was very surprised and shocked.
     When I got home, I took a little nap, then watched 27 Dresses as I attempted to clean my room. GOOD MOVIE! I can't wait till I get married! I love the roles that Katherine Heigl plays. Her personalities are always so BOLD.
     Anyways, I gotta sleep now. Forsure I'm going to VEGGIELUTION tomorrow. Hopefully it's not raining! Night.
     I woke up and did homework. Yay for me! I got distracted, but at least I got SOME done... right? Around 3:30PM, I hungout with Hieu. He picked me up and we visited the band kids at MIP. Around 4, we left and went to the theaters. KICK ASS! Omg, that movie is good! I totally did not expect it to be this great... and bloody. Lol.
     After, he dropped me home, I was going to hang out with Geoff, but he rescheduled to Tuesday so I just tried to do more homework.

    I woke up early and got ready to go to MHS for the very first meeting with Cosmo. I was super early when I got there so I wandered around for a bit, then I decided to just sit down. Next came Cosmo and his dance partner. I don't remember her name... lol. Then Jen, Allyson, and Kevin came. Axell came too but he had to leave early. So anyways, we had a small discussion with Cosmo, then we headed off to the L buildings so he could teach us a few moves. Kikay, Junette and Kirsten came later on and that was it. We started off with the salsa. We did the basic steps and eventually added in our hips. The salsa is supposed to be a nice flirty type dance. Next was the tango, which is a more seductive and serious dance. We did a few steps of that and just kept practicing. It was pretty fun. We got to partner with each other and practice our moves. All in all, it was really fun. Pretty dissappointing on how many people came though. There better not be that many next time or imma kick some ass.
     After practice, I called up Kim and we ended up going to the Blackbelt test really early. I didn't expect to be there at all! But we went anyways. We said HI to a bunch of people. I actually got to have a sit down convo with Danyelle. She's pretty cool to talk to.
     When testing was over and it was time to leave, I helped the Creamers set up a bit, then met up with Kim and Jen. We waited for a really long time before KJN could come out, but once he did, we immediately left. We went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch. Delish! I love how it is an all you can eat buffet. This is definitely a MUST GO TO place! You'd love it.
     After lunch, we went back to SCU and got out seats. VIP BABY! Lol. I felt so special! The show was alright. Demo team finally had a new routine! Its definitely better. The show ended around 9ish. I had to leave though, no conditioning unfortunately, but I'm sure they did great
     CONGRATS YOU GUYS! YOU DID IT! Many many red tops are coming in the future. I wish I was a part of them through the trainings though, C'est la vie.

     Ate pho with my dad and 2 brothers, no mama today... I basically just did some homework and met up with my teammates at De Anza to discuss what to do with our team and stuff. Not much happened, really.
     When I got home, I was just basically stressing out on hw. I have wayy too much! I gave up around 11 and headed off to sleep.

     Bus10: Our team is #1 in our planet! Yay! But it doesn't mean we're #1 in our class.. which we aren't.
     Poli01: I went to the extra credit help session. The TA's are so cool! We stayed for about 20 minutes, but they gave us an hour worth of points. They also answered our questions and stuff. Class was pretty good. I was dozing off towards the end though...
     Math51: Midterm! I'm pretty sure I did really well on it. I mean, I HAVE to right? I already took that friken class. Lol
     When I got home, I decided to watch RENT. It's actually really good the second time! I liked it. I also decided to go take Karate today. Just did pad work and conditioning, argg I'm so out of shape. Bleh. I just watched some tv when I got home and slept.

Today, I was going to go to Veggielution, but I set my mindset that it was going to rain, so when I woke up, it wasn't raining... I ended up not going anyways.. I feel bad now. But I need rain boots! maybe I'll buy some when I go hang out with Geoff. Session with Brent today!
     I did almost nothing. I did glaze the cake though... I also went to Veggielution, but no one was there! After, I rushed over to De Anza to get my papers signed, but they didn't have it ready! So then, I rushed home (because it was already 2), quickly decorated my cake for Brent, then headed over for the session.
     He loved the cake, of course. Lol. Brent just did a body/muscle massage thing. It felt really nice, sorta painful though. It was really nice talking to him and getting to know him more. I don't think there was a spark or anything. Mainly because he's about 10 years older than me! I don't know though, we will see. Apparently, my cake covers 2 sessions, so I have one more chiropractic session next Tuesday, around 2.
     After the session, I went home, watched Definitely, Maybe, Picked up Jen, visited Kevin Luong, got my sunglasses from Frank, then went to pick up 2 large pizzas. After, we all went to Darren's house, turned on the Sharks game and enjoyed Pizza Night. We were placing bets, in the middle of that we somehow got to the topic of Angry Gorilla and Tunneling... LOL! You gotta love my friends.. In the end, SHARKS WON! YEA BITCHES! Lol.
     So Jen and I stayed there till 10 I believe? I took her home. Went home, and finished watching Definitely, Maybe.

     School. UGHH!
     Didn't really do much when I got home... Around 6:30, Darren picked me up and we headed over to the Sushi Factory for Alex's birthday! I usually don't like sushi, but I had one of everything anyways. I think the sauce for certain ones made it taste a lot better.
     After, we went to Alex's and had some cake. They were playing Brawl and eventually, it led to watching a movie. Darren, Alan and I couldn't stay long, so we just went home instead.

     I woke up early and went straight to Veggielution. I missed the friken exit because people wouldn't let me in! Eff jerks! Oh wells. There were only 6 people there. When I got there, I began weeding stuff, then moving plants and putting cardboard down. Eventually, I got to cut lettuce and wash them. Then I was put on the wash station for a while...
     Note to self: Seriously invest in rainboots! My shoes were pretty muddy and soaked. But yea, I washed a lot of veggies, helped weigh out some of them, and then went home. I got free fava beans! It tastes pretty good actually!
     When I got home, I ate, took my grandma to my cousin's watched He's Not That Into You, bought Panda EX for my sister, then watched YES MAN. After that, Kim picked me up and we headed over to Campbell for the 3rd Degree testing. We got kinda lost and somehow ended up at the airport.... Don't ask. But eventually, we made our way to WC Campbell. Omg, the test was so friken long! We left around 9:50. The candidates did well though. I can't say much since I'm not a 3rd degree. But they did pretty good. Kim and I got into an actual convo with Danyelle and we also met Patrick's gf, Jennifer. She's so tall! She's really nice though. I'm happy for him!
     We finally got home around 10, then, I decided to go to eat Mogo with Kevin and Perry. It's pretty good stuff! I like! Sharks WON! 5-0 YEA BITCHES. Lol.
     Now that I am home, I stuffed myself with hot tea and honey as I blogged. I'm thinking about doing some homework, but I'm getting tired now... Crap... I NEED TO DO HW TOMORROW! No EXCEPTIONS... unless I'm taking a break. GOOD NIGHT
     School was pretty boring... `Nuff said.
     After school, Darren, Alan and I went on a Jamba run. Yay for Bogo promos! After Jamba, we went to Petsmart.
     Dog food + Jamba.. I'm a happy camper.
     After that, we just loitered around in the parking lot. I pulled out my longboard and we ended up having a longboard photoshoot.
Taken by me!
     I had a lot of fun. I miss longboarding. I can't wait for the summer!
     When I got home, I decided to make a Double Chocolate cake for Brent tomorrow for our Session. I'm almost done! I just need to have it glazed and delivered! Yay! So much to do, so little time. My plans for tomorrow:
-Wake up early
-Go to Veggielution to get papers signed
-Go home and Glaze the cake
-Go to De Anza to pick up signed paperwork
-Go to Session with Brent
-Go home... Do homework or something productive with my free time
-Pick up Jen
-Pizza Night!
     Today was so much fun! Well, it started off slow and boring, but it ended pretty well.
     I woke up and immediately started doing hw. I stayed home instead of eating Pho to finish my homework. Around 1ish, I decided to take a break and head over to a BBQ at a park that one of Jen's friends were hosting. I only planned to stay for a little bit, about half an hour to an hour, but then I was having so much fun that I decided to stay till 4! Lol! I met so many new people! Son (the host), Christian x2, Jeffrey, Eirene, Mateo, David, Amanda, and some other people that I don't remember their names. We had a water fight, and then eventually went to the pool. I didn't have swimming clothes on, but eventually, I ended up taking a dip to cool down. There were tons of food, music, and most importantly, fun. Son should definitely host another pool party.
     When I got home, I saw all of those haunting cake pops sitting on my table. What the hell was I going to do with them? Until I had a genius idea to go back to the party and share the love with them! It ended up being a huge hit that all my cake pops were gone in less than 5 minutes! Sweet! They called it an orgasm on a stick. I will never make a batch that big.... in my entire life... maybe.
     I wish they uploaded pics! Man, oh wells. So when I got home, I showered, and finished my homework. I finished pretty quickly, so I basically had nothing to do the rest of the night.
     At the BBQ, there were 2 tall, skinny, white guys (no racial); David and Mateo. I've basically grown to accept and safely assume that every tall white guy is named David or Dave. Unfortunately... Mateo is not a David. So, I went up to him and told him that I shall forever call him David. Although he doesn't really have a belly button, I really should call him Kyle XY... but I like David better. It makes life a little easier and it makes me chuckle.