I guess you'll just have to find my not so secret, secrets..
     3.29.10- Bittersweet goodbyes. Class was fun, funner than it ever has been. Minus Jas and Nancy of course. But I guess that's what made it awesome. We got to do whatever we felt like, and at the end, we took tons of pictures. We also got Chef a brand new tool box! We all planned to have a dinner shindig after class, but since we stuffed ourselves full of Mahi Mahi, Salad, Beignets, and other random goodies, we postponed it to Wednesday. Class renunion!!!
     After class, I went over to Blake's for sundae night! Lol! It was delish! I'm going to miss him... We talked about our relationship... and yea...
      I got home around 9, Darren and Alan came over at 11ish and stayed till one. We were on Chatroulette and I made a sign that said "Show your tits to Jessica -->" and another that said "Nice Tits!" LOL! It was so funny, so many man tits... Good times.
     When they left, I called Blake, probably for the last time, and went to bed.
     Today, I woke up early and headed out to Krispy Kreme with Darren and Alan. We got back around 11 and I headed over to Blake's to help him pack. We went to Santana Row after and eventually went back to the apartment. We said out last good byes and that was it...
     I went to the school after to pick up my wedding cake and was pulled aside by Royce, he told me another internship opportunity on a cruise ship. I would definitely do it, but because I need to focus on school, I'm probably going to have to turn it down, unfortunately. I'm glad my options are up though.
     When I got home, I dropped off my cake then went to Pizza Lunch. We ended early and departed ways, I went home and slept till 7, I was definitely KO'd. But yea.. Not much to do now. Kinda boredd.
    Maybe we should've just gotten into a fight, it would have definitely been easier.
Pebble Beach
     I think this is the best picture I've ever taken with my camera phone. Mainly because of that fx camera app.
     Today, TK with family, Carmel with friends; Blake, Amanda and Coty, Amanda's friend. The water was freezing cold but it was still a beautiful day. Her friend Coty is REALLY quiet... Blake said, "He's probably shy around pretty girls" but I think that's a lie. I think he doesn't like me because I was so upfront with him. The main thing I said to him was, "You're so quiet!" Maybe he's intimidated or he just doesn't like me. Oh well, I'll probably never see him again anyways!
     Blake and I left around 5 to go home, we hit up Dairy Queen in Capitola and got home around 7. Yum Steak! Now I'm watching Psych; It's so addicting. If only I had "powers" like Shawn and Gus have. Amazing.
Carmel by the Sea
Day 3 of Final Finals: (Wednesday)
     Pretty good day. French final, I think I did pretty well... Hopefully. The Final Final went pretty well. I got all caught up with extra time left over. Yay! Didn't do much afterward, just went home.

     No more De Anza!!! Instead, I slept in and went to PCI for my FINAL FINAL! Friken Nancy! She totally messed up our baguettes. She was the last to put in her baguettes and when she did, she didn't press the button for it to rotate so basically everyone else's baguettes were all really dark and partially burnt. Serena was PISSED off. Mainly because Nancy didn't apologize at all. All she said was, "Oh.. Well, now they're "GB" (Golden Brown)" and we're just like WTF? That is NOT Golden Brown... I was pretty upset too, but if she actually apologized, then I would've been okay. But anyways, I had an Asian Themed table. Hehe. I finished really fast with tons of time to spare.
     Pretty good over all. I'm pretty sure I passed. Serena and I let the Chefs know about what happened to our breads so they don't dock points off of of everyone else's. The people who came to visit me: Blake, Geoff, Brent, Shian and Family. Shian got me flowers! 
     I usually never get flowers, so I really enjoyed them. After everyone left and cleaned, Shian and I went to watch She's Out of My League. It's really good and funny! I would definitely recommend it. Especially to the guys because it has tons of sexual innuendos. After, we went to Sweethearts and ordered some crispy chicken. Yum! Then, I drove her home and went home myself.
     Woke up early, did random stuff then got ready to go to the Field Trip. I picked up Jasmine, met up with Serena and headed over there. Jasmine is actually a genuinely nice person. She has a really good heart, but when she's around Nancy (mainly) she's a different person... But yea. On the way to Galaxy Desserts in Richmond, we missed 2 exits and ended up being late, but better late than never right? The company was huge! I learned so much, it was really nice too. The Croissants and the mousses tasted extremely good.
     After that, we took a class photo, then headed home. I was going to meet up with the girls at Chipotle's, so after 10-20 mins of finding a parking spot and 10 minutes of sitting there by myself, I text June asking her where they are because I have to leave. Kristine calls me back telling me that they assumed I wasn't going to go so they went to the food court instead. I was SO pissed off after that. Honestly? You couldn't bother to text me at least letting me know that you were at another location? I could've driven there instead! I took time out of my busy schedule to meet up with you guys and you just assume that I wont go? Fuckers. At least I'd have the balls to call you guys and let you know if I wasn't going to make it. Honestly though, after this incident, I'm dead serious about not being their friends anymore. There's no point really, they do nothing but boring shit. This is why I hate hanging out with girls. But whatever, fuck them.
     So, I went home, got my stuff ready and headed over to Darren's place. I got a chance to rant to Kim before I went in. At least I have Kim as a reliable best friend. So I went in, had some sloppy joe's as I waited for Darren. We started playing around 8ish and didn't finish till 4 in the morning. There was one song that was extremely impossible. Honestly, I think we tried over 50 times but kept failing. Since I had a curfew (2 AM) I told them that I'd have to leave at 4 AM (so I could get some sleep in before my interview, and so my parents wouldn't have a cow). Eventually, we all agreed to give up... we only had 3 songs left also. FML! I had a great time though. I love hanging out with the group, it's something I definitely miss doing, I can't wait till the next time we play endless set! Hopefully, this time we'll pass! Lol.

     Today, I woke up bright and early... 10 AM that is. I got ready and headed to my dad's shop to get my car fixed. Since I was running a bit late, I took the beamer instead. YESH! I met up with Serena and we headed to Pebble Beach. The view is so beautiful! La-la-la-LOVE! Since we were and hour early, we decided to grab some grub at a nice casual restuarant with a breath-taking view. Already was I in heaven. When it was time to go, I went to the Golf Pro Shop to ask for directions and this guy who worked there drove me on his golf cart! SO NICE! He's about 26, I forgot his name though. When we got to the front, he asked his friends to escort me down to the lady I was visiting. I felt so special! Lol. So when I got there, I had my interview...
     Basically, Vicki (the HR lady) said that I stood out the most at the career fair because of my positive attitude and my personality. I was so flattered! Afterwards, I got to meet the Chefs, had a little interview and I feel like I have a 99% chance of getting this internship! So I was later brought back to the main lobby. I didn't know how to get back, but I recognized the guy who escourted me to Vicki, he took me on a ride on his golf cart and litterally brought me to the doors of the golf pro shop. His name is Steven I believe. We talked about fixing up his baby (golf cart) so it could go ninety. He said that he could make it go 50 if he wanted to. Lol!!! Everyone here is so genuinely nice and kind! I'm going to LOVE working here!
     Afterwards, I met up with Serena and we headed off to 17-mile drive. Beautiful Scenery. I'll upload pictures later. We wandered around, went sightseeing, got kinda lost, but found our way back. It was nice talking to her. I see her as a motherly figure now. The only downfall of Pebble Beach is that I can't really go shopping there... They only sell golf clothing and equipment. Fml. Lol!
     Once we got back to school, I headed over to my cousin's house and stayed there for a good 2 hours. Then I drove my brother home and kinda conversed with him. Now, I watched a few eps of Psych, blogged, surfed the net and now I'm off  to bed. Toodles! Super busy week! Sorry for not blogging in a while, I hope this helped.
     Astro final: 7:15 AM. I finished half an hour later. The whole test was basically the practice test, but I'm not complaining! Patty and I went and got some Starbucks + Free Pastries. Nom nom! Too much suga` in the mornin`! I feel bad... Patty was talking to me, but because I was so tired, I didn't really respond well back. Sometimes I'm tired enough to be slow and sluggish, but when I'm extremely tired, I start to say random things and laugh at a lot of other things... Weird. After Starbucks, we headed over to Target.
     Around 9 ish, we parted ways and I went to Blake's and crashed until 11:30. Ahh... Sweet `ol air matress. Love! Lol. I had a dream that I beat up this big mexican guy who beat up Blake's sister. Revenge! I also dreamt that Jimmy and Blake shared a super nice apartment together. Super random... Don't ask.
    The final went pretty well I must say. Sort of frustrating only because both the freezers were jammed packed with a bunch of random stuff. We had to take time out of our schedule to clear it out so we could fit in our stuff for the final.. So stressful. I'm behind by about 1 or 2 things. It's not too bad though, I just have to make my plated dessert and pastry cream, and make up the 1 or 2 thing. Tomorrow is basically a freebie for me. Yay!
     Pizza night! Pretty fun. Big group, 2 pizzas. Yum! Came home around 9ish. I need to study for french now. Blah! French test tomorrow at 9:15 am. I hope I pass it with flying colors!
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     Final Finals went pretty well. I finished everything super quickly, it went smooth. I think that the worst day will be Thursday. That's when you can't really make up anything if you messed up. Blah!
     After finals, I went to Jo Anns with Kim, bought some fabric, then went home and studied for Astro. Now, I just finished helping Diane proofread her essay. Funny girl. Ughh, Astro final at 7:15 tomorrow. I'm screwed... But... Free Pastries at Starbucks, WHAA?! Lol. Patty and I are gonna celebrate after.
     I need to review with Patty, then head off to bed. NIGHT!
     When people put smileys like this (: or [: Unfortunately for I, my smileys shall remain :]
  1. Cleaned the house
  2. Got eyebrows done and rented tons of movies
  3. Play Football with Blake, Darren, Alex x2, Jesse, Perry, Hieu, Wilson and Nhat.
  4. Watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with the cousins and Blake
  5. Shian came; we talked/watched parts of Gladiator
  6. Took Blake home around 11
  7. Hung out with Shian at Tapx; Saw Jonathan and Thomas
  8. Took Shian home, Now it's 1:16 AM
     What's up with all of you juniors not going to prom? This is seriously ridiculous. Prom is a once in a lifetime event you MUST go to whether you have a date or not. Once you graduate and step outside the lines of Highschool, you're going to look back and say, "Omg... I wish I went to prom". No Lie. Yea, you're going to have Senior Ball, but why miss out on Junior Prom too? All I can say is, you don't want to miss opportunities like this.