Monday: Chipotle with David and Darren. 
Tuesday: Curry House with Darren, Alex, Babe, and I. Court for babe. SmokeEaters for dinner with Bob, Rob, Alex, Nikko, Jenny, Brian, and Josh. BR to eat ice cream and visit erie. 
Wednesday: Wingstop with babe. In N Out for Dinner. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011
    Happy Birthday Alex! School was normal. I got my free DA jacket! Yee. Then I turned in my apps for french tutoring as well as signing up for clubs! I'm so excited. Chilled with babes for an hour to wait for Darren to get out. Then we went home and had some donuts :3
     When Alex got out of school and arrived at Darren's we picked up Jenny, picked those two up and headed off to Chicken and Waffels in Oakland. Boo Traffic! The food was pretty good though. It's pretty different from the usual food we eat. Omg, I feel terrible bc we kept cracking black jokes in that restaurant. Lols. Good experience though. I hope Alex enjoyed it. So we took them all home, then babe and I KO'd for 2 hours at my house. When we woke up, we went to Applebees for the continuation of Alex's bday. 
     I came in with the mindset of not eating anything, but babe got some boneless wings... which I had to have. Then people kept giving bob his leftovers.. and Bob sat next to me, so all the leftovers were piling on my side... so I couldn't help myself. Lol! Free food! Nomnomnom. 
     Bob got me a gift! I actually feel guilty accepting it though, because it's Alex's bday. It kind of makes me feel like a hypocrit, but in the moment, it didn't register in my mind. I really appreciate the Sharks flag for the car though, but I should've waited to accept it. Oh well... no use in turning back the clock now. 
     Afterparty at Alex's. I felt awkward being there because his whole family was asleep. Some were smashing, some were playing board games. I just sat there and played pokemon. Babe dropped me off at home later. Iono, for some reason, I got really depressed once I got home. I didn't have the energy to do anything. I wanted to blog about my day, to brush my teeth, to eat some food, but I couldn't bring myself to do any of those things. I got really depressed and started to tear up. Thankfully babe came back and comforted me as I fell asleep in his arms <3

Friday, April 22, 2011
     School. Ughh. I got to play pokemon for 2 hours while waiting for Darren. I went home, then started to clean. I got bored so I went and got my eyebrows threaded and I painted my nails purple. Yee. Then I met up with Jenny, Rob and Brian at Target to buy some easter supplies. East Egg hunt on Sunday! Im excited! By the time we finished, We dropped off Brian's car, dropped off my car, drove Jenny to work, bought some carne asada fries from this hole in the wall restaurant in Sunnyvale, then went back to Rob's to fill up eggs and eat. Omg. So many easter eggs! After, we dropped off Brian, then headed to Alex's house for ANOTHER birthday event. We ended up watching Fast and Furious 3 and 4. So good!
     I've realized that I really like watching car movies with Babe or with friends who are into cars. Just watching them Jizz when a nice car comes out, or cry and yell when a car gets effed up is entertaining. Gah. My friends <3.
     Surprisingly, I stayed out past 12 till 2 actually and my parents didn't call or anything. They just went to bed when I went home, which confused me. Is this their way of giving me freedom and letting me stay out at night? Yee, I hope so!

Saturday, April 23, 2011
     So today is Chris' bday party. I woke up herra late... slept in with babe. We left to go back to Nikko's, showered, then went to Lunch with TK and Nikko at TK noodle. Sadly, Nikko and Tk didn't get to join us b/c Erie got out of school HELLA early. Like 2 hours earlier than usual! So they left to go pick her up while babe and I ate our lunch. Babe took my home, then left for work also. Right now, I'm doing laundry and such. I should go out and talk to my family, but I'll do that later. I actually took a nap till 7 when I got home. Too many family members kept waking me up, so when I went back to sleep, I keep shaking and flinching after every sound. I have to go pick up the cake now. I'm actually tempted to go to Michaels to go buy stuff. But I need to do my homework instead. Omg, what to do, what to do. 


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