I finally have a chance to sit down and blog again. I've been pretty busy and preoccupied for the past couple.. months. Blogging on the occasion here on weebly. Sorry for neglecting you! <3.

This past week has been pretty fun. Spring quarter recently started. My classes are as follow: Precac III, Acct 1C, French 3 and Ewrt 1A. This is probably one of my busiest quarters yet I'm taking it ever so lightly, which I really shouldn't... I've been slacking off a bit, but now I'm trying to get back on track. 

Thursday, March 14, 2011
     Went to school.. Blah blah blah. Timmy picked me up and we went to the mall to shop for a bit. We bumped into Diane, Bianca and Pats at F21! Lols. Thanks to Patty, I now have an addition 3 pairs of shorts added to my collection of clothes. Babe went out and bought himself some sandals and we enjoyed a nice lunch at Great Khans. :3 
    We then left to go back to my house to pick up some beach stuff, then met up at Jenny's. Jenny, Rob and I went first to Safeway at Valley Fair to pick up Bob and buy food and such while Timmy and Brian stayed back to wait for Josh. 
     OMG! Safeway soda was hella cheap! I know, I know, I don't drink soda.. but still. CHEEP. We also bought some chips, cooler, and ice. Shortly after, we all got together and headed to Sunset Beach; Josh, Brian, Babe and I in Josh's car; Rob, Bob, and Jenny in Rob's car. 
     When we arrived, we set up everything and dug a small hole for the fire. We threw around the football, flew kites, and just chilled while wading in the freezing cold ocean. Lol. Eventually, Bob set up with camera gear and we got to take a mini group shot of everyone who was there at the moment. 
     Later, Tk, Alex, Nikko, Erie, Tim and Wendy showed up. We then got the fire started since the sun was setting. From then, the rest is history. We cooked hot dogs, made smores and just chilled. 
     When it was 10, we decided to pack our bags and head out. After the... uncomfortable ride home, Timmy just dropped me off at home and we split. 

Friday, March 15, 2011
      School... Met up with babe and had Pep lunch for lunch. Babe went to work so I met up with Brian and Jenny at Black Angus. After their lunch, we went to MHS so I could pick up something from Jen. <3 She got me a little Bambi pin from Disneyland!
     Went to Jenny's to chill and talk afterwards. Then randomly, we decided to go to Ikea! So we picked up Nikko and Brian drove us there. 
     After that, Brian drove us to Mountain View to get some really good gelato. Nom nom nom. Then, dropped off Jenny, I got dropped off, stayed home and did hw.
     Dinner with my parents! It went pretty well, I got to conversate with them and my brothers, for a bit. After, I finished up hw then met up with Everyone at SweetHearts. Peal Milk Tea! I got an hour extension on my curfew for that night, but in my opinion, it was pretty pointless. Erie, Tk, Alex, Timmy, Nikko and I just went back to Nikko's and chilled in his room. Didn't really do much.. I should've just gone home to sleep. GG

Saturday, March 16, 2011
     Woke up early to let babe sneak out. It was such a close call! Went back to sleep for about an hour, babe came over again and went on fb/tumblr the entire time. He didn't even go back to sleep! SMH. 
     Went to lunch at Chez Christina with Alex, Nikko, Jenny, Josh, Tk, Babe and I. Nomnom. The steak was so small! Herra pricey for such a small portion. But it was still good either way. 
     After, Jenny and I left the guys, because they went to go carwash while I went to go run some errands. After errand running for about an hour, we met back at Nikko's since the guys were washing cars.. Yum..
    Tim was there also! But he didn't want to be in the pic.. Lawls. After, we went to pick up Erie at school, then SF BOUND for the Cherry Blossom Festival! I met up with Allan Dale and Danyelle. We walked around, went to the mall-ish area. Sanrio Storeee! I bought cookie cutters and oven mitts. If I bought something over $5, I could get a free fan or a hat. I got the hat, then passed my receipt around to Jenny, Erie and Danyelle so they could get the free hat also. Buahaha. We so cheep. 
     So we chilled a bit. Walked around, checked out some stuff, then finally decided to go eat some sushi. Nom nom nom. Allan Dale, Danyelle, Jenny and I got out own table and Erie, Tk, Nikko, Alex and Tim got a table. The place was so small that they had to split us. Dinner was nice and enjoyable. I got the Unagi Donburi. When we finished, we all decided to head home. The car ride was enjoyable. I really like talking to Jenny and Tim. Very educational :]
     So, we went to Sweethearts again to get Pearl Milk Tea! I chilled till 1130, then I took Jenny home. Phone Dated with Shian for a bit, Timmy came over after having me freak out like crazy about him, and slept over. <3

Sunday, March 17, 2011
    Not much happened today. Pho with the family. Went home. Did homework/tumblr/facebooked. Yeaap. Today was a complete hw day though. I got all my stuff done and now I'm all caught up! Yeee! Lol. I also got to finish my phone date with Shian. What a friken productive day. Now.. I'm gonna go over to Babe's to sleep over. :P gnight


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