Of the girls whose boyfriends do whatever it takes to make the girl not mad at them anymore. 

Sometimes I wonder if we are perfect for each other. Many people may say we are, and most times, I think we are as well.

But you don't like doing the quirky, dorky things that I'd like doing. Most likely, you'd question my sanity

When we get into fights, it's usually me who apologizes first. I'm the one who always caves. I'm the one who always texts you first or says good morning or good night. You don't give me flowers, or even a leaf. You don't wait outside of my doorstep with a cup of coffee knowing that it's something I'l need the next day. 

You don't say all of those cute/corny things to me. and I'm a sucker for those... and cheesy pickup lines. 

You don't do all of those things that made me fall in love with you anymore. I miss it.

or maybe I'm just asking for too much. 

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