you are beginning to have more and more complaints about me. Why did it take this long for you to say something in the first place?

You used to WANT to stay over for ME. Now, all you feel is that you're cooped up in my room doing nothing. You don't help me clean my room, or do my homework, or anything like how you used to. I have to get you drinks, I have to get you food, condiments. I have to do this or that. You never want to do it anymore. And when I simply ask if you want to, you just point it back at me like I'm sheltering you away from the world. 

I coop you up in my room
I'm forcing you to spend the night
I have homework to do, therefore you'll be doing nothing
I want you over, so now you're bored

I'm trying to "respect your decisions" but how can I when all you want to do is distance yourself away from me? You're on spring break and you don't even want to spend the night with me. You don't even need to wake up in the morning, all you do is sleep in anyways. 

You've been really demanding lately. You've been really controlling about everything. So what do I do? I give in. I'll do what it takes to make you happy, because obviously, spending the night with me doesn't make you happy anymore. It just makes you mad. 

I feel like I lost my best friend. I have no one to talk to. I'm lonely at night and I oftentimes cry myself to sleep because there is no one I can talk to. 

I'll stop forcing you to do stuff. You wanna lay on my bed and do nothing? Fine with me. You don't want to come over? Fine with me. You want to break up..? If that's what you want, then fine with me. As long as you're happy, it doesn't matter how I feel. 

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