What kind of family morals are you trying to impose on your kids? When you're pissed, you can't even talk to your own wife. You act so selfishly and so immaturely. I can't even bare to call you my dad. You get pissed off of the little things, chill the fuck out. 

DINNER time is for family. I made time to go see grandma why can't you? Why can't you put aside all of your own issues to see your own mother? How would you feel like if I didn't visit you because I was mad at whatever? Selfish. You make everyone wait for you. They're starving themselves and letting the food go cold just so your ass could be there. Immature. Mom is begging for you to come. You can't even respond to her. You can't even hold the phone next to you. What is your problem?

You're supposed to be the dad that everyone looks up to. You and mom, I thought you guys were perfect, no fights whatsoever. She knows how to hide it, why can't you? You're the man of the house, so grow some balls and act like it. Start acting more like a father and more like a husband instead of this shit. Such a kid, an immature kid. I thought you knew better. 

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