Which means a fresh new beginning and an end from all that madness 2011 had. 

I've made so many life changes in the past couple of months! I can't really go much into depth about it at the moment, but I definitely will when I have free time. My time nowadays is pretty limited, which I definitely need to work on and prioritize what's important to me.

I've taken a really big leap into my future career. I'll talk more about it later though! 

I'm sorry that I have been neglectful and stopped blogging for a good amount of time. I guess my goal for this year is to blog more on weebly than on tumblr since weebly is basically my own personal blog. 

OMG! I just want to blog about everything right now! But now is not the time, nor do I even HAVE time to do so. Anyways. I'll be getting ready for bed now.

PS Something random today. I had a shard of chicken bone lodged in my gums for some reason.. It didn't hurt but I had to get tweezers and pull it out since my fingers were too big. 

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