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Jo Anns

     When I was younger my mom would always say to me"When you grow up, I want you to be a doctor, or a dentist" and I would just stare at her and say "Sure mom". No matter how much Grey's Anatomy I watched, I have never been good at science and I never will be. A few years ago, my aunt asked me to help her bake. From then on, baking has been a hobby to me and being the creative self I am, hopefully it will continue on as a Career.
     In second grade, the day before the school Halloween parade, I fell through a glass table and was immediately sent to the hospital. I got stitches from the doctor and a bear from a police officer. The only thing that reminds me of that night is a scar on my right ankle that looks like a backwards Nike Swoosh. I am (suprisngly) thankful for my injury because the doctor told me that if the cut was just slightly larger, it would have hit a nerve in my ankle and I would be forever paralyzed.
     In fifth grade, my mom enrolled me into the school band as a flutist. Although I originally wished to play the clarinet, I am truly thankful that she accidentally signed me down for flute because I think reed instruments are gross. Ever since then, I have been a part of the Milpitas High School Marching Band as section leader of the Flutes. (Incredibles, Grease, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Karl Jenkins) I am thankful that I was part of the marching band because once a band geek, always a band geek. My friends in marching band have become like family to me. We have a special bond that no one else understands.
     In seventh grade, my parents put me in Ernie Reyes' West Coast World Martial Arts (what a breather!). Ever since I took my first class and broke the tape around my white belt, I have loved Martial Arts. I have trained long and hard to achieve my 1st degree Black belt and received the BEST OVER ALL award. (Pursuit of Perfection, May 2007). I have also trained countless days to achieve my 2nd degree Black belt and ,yet again, receive the BEST OVER ALL award. (Black Belt Mindset, April 2009). I have also been given the opportunity to perform my open form at the Black Belt Show; I had a solo. Martial Arts has taught me so much. It has taught me that mediocrity is not where you want to be, but at the highest Mastery level. You must do your best to be the best. You must set goals in order to achieve them and you must do your best to complete your goals. I have set several goals for martial arts; achieving the Best Over All awards, receiving by 2nd degree black belt, and being asked to perform at the Black Belt show. I have worked strenuously in order for these goals to be accomplished. Martial arts has been a big part of my life, I have met numerous people and have instantly bonded with them. The Dojo is my home and my students and friends are my family. Without martial arts in my life, I would not be the confident, independent, spontaneous girl that people know and love today.
     In 9th grade, I was introduced to the world of High school. S c a r y. My High School experience has been the best for me. I lost some friends but I gained many more. I was part of the Robotics Club and had the life time opportunity to enter a culinary competition at the Professional Culinary Institute (PCI). I competed against 48 competitors all yearning for one thing; to receive a First Place, Full Ride Scholarship to PCI. I am truly thankful for this opportunity because I, along with 3 others, received a Full Ride Scholarship. My high school experience has been the best ever; my friends have truly made the story of my life and I hope that we all stay friends in the future.
     No matter where life takes me, I have learned that I must be thankful for everything I have. I am thankful for my parents for handing me opportunities on a silver platter and giving me everything I have ever wanted. You must live life to the fullest, take advantage of life because life is short. You only have one life, so why waste it on drinking and smoking?



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